How to Undercut Google’s Pay-to-Play Model and Advertise on a Budget

It’s genuinely depressing to think about the totality of words we’ve wasted whining about Google’s pay-to-play model. Not because we regret the time spent educating our readers, but because we wish this weren’t the reality of digital marketing in 2020. Especially during a crippling pandemic. And we know this situation is just as depressing for […]

Do You Know What to Ask When Hiring an SEO Company?

To ask the right questions of a prospective SEO company, you first need a baseline understanding of online advertising. Unfortunately, if you’re a small, local business owner with little knowledge of online marketing strategies, then you probably don’t quite know what to ask. That’s why Kim Lachance Shandrow’s article, “10 Questions to Ask When You’re […]

Spam Calls

How to Solve Your Problem With Spam Calls Right Now

Are you being dogged by spam calls all day long? Telemarketers and robocalls are running rampant these days, and small business owners are getting the brunt of it. Average Americans are certainly getting their fair share of spam calls, too, but it’s nothing compared to what business owners are experiencing on a daily basis. Spam […]

Don't Be Afraid to Get Emotional in Local Search

Don't Be Afraid to Get Emotional in Local Search

At first thought, you might not believe emotions have anything to do with local searches for things like appliance repairs, junk removal services, or window installation. Indeed, these topics appear rather dry. However, as Ryan Shelley uncovers in his recent article on Search Engine Land, emotion is what powers every local search, and what ultimately […]

Are You Doing Enough to Get Noticed on Facebook?

Are You Doing Enough to Get Noticed on Facebook?

Today, Facebook essentially doubles as a business directory. It provides businesses with their own pages to display contact information, details about products and services, photos, and more. In this sense, Facebook pages aren’t much different from Google My Business listings. That’s why a growing number of people aren’t even using Google for local business searches […]

LinkedIn for Small Businesses

How to Use LinkedIn for Small Businesses

You’ve probably seen lots of chatter online about LinkedIn and why businesses should be using it. However, most of that advice is only applicable to big brands with even bigger budgets. It’s not designed to help small, local businesses use LinkedIn to their advantage. As a result, many small businesses end up wasting a lot of […]