Already online but need to take that extra step to make your page stand out?

Providing affordable online marketing solutions for small businesses nationwide, Prospect Genius continues to welcome even more new members into our program. We’re ready to help your company utilize the Internet for effective local marketing, helping you connect with the customers that are already looking for your services online. We’re helping hundreds of businesses just like […]

“Slump” is not in our vocabulary and it shouldn’t be in yours either!

At Prospect Genius, there’s no such thing as the summer slump! With more and more local businesses signing up every day, we’re working our fingers to the bone just to keep up. Connecting small companies with customers in their local regions, PG is here to help each of our members continue to grow their business. […]

If your business’s advertising strategy is from the Stone Age it’s time to modernize!

How time flies… Sorry I haven’t updated the blog in more than a week, but we’re keeping busy here at PG with a steady stream of new members. A handful of the latest small businesses to join up with the Prospect Genius online marketing community include: Halina’s Custom Interiors. Serving the greater Tampa, FL, area, […]

Introducing the newest local businesses to recognize the value of the Prospect Genius SEO program.

Wow! We’re just swamped with new members here at Prospect Genius. With more and more local businesses realizing the value of our online marketing program, we’re welcoming tons of new customers every day. Just a few of our newest members include: Ligero Energy. If you’re a business looking to save big on your natural gas […]

We are getting busier by the day! We would like to introduce our newest associates.

Boy, are we busy here at Prospect Genius. New customers are joining up by the boatload, and it’s all we can do to keep up. I’m taking a quick breather to let you all know about some of the exciting new customers that have joined the Prospect Genius community! Let’s start with Erik’s Hauling and […]

We truly value all of our members here and would like to take a few minutes to introduce some of the newest ones!

The Prospect Genius community is just continuing to grow and grow. We’re adding new members every day, and we’re excited to announce a few of those new associates now. Join PG in welcoming: Healthy Living & Well Being of Albany, NY. Providing the all-natural supplements and wellness coaching you need to get on the road […]

Companies from New Orleans to New York are choosing PG for their online advertising.

We’re staying busy here at Prospect Genius–we’re adding new members so fast we can barely keep up! As usual, I only have a couple of minutes to welcome new PG associates, so I want to apologize to everyone I’m leaving out. A few is better than none at all, though, so let’s dive right in… […]

The number of local businesses to partner with us is growing at an astonishing rate!

Things at PG have just been busy, busy, busy lately. We have tons of new associates, ever-evolving infrastructure, and new team members. Let’s not waste time talking about Prospect Genius, though–let’s dive right in and get to welcoming a few of our latest PG friends! First up we have Adrenaline Autosound of Raleigh, NC. This […]

Keeping busy as usual! More and more local businesses are turning to us every day for their online advertising support!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while… Time just keeps getting away from me. So before I forget again, I’m going to quickly welcome a few more new PG associates. As always, sorry to all the new people I’m neglecting to mention, but I never have time to annouce everyone! Let’s start with Sound Performance, […]