Porting a CallTrax Phone Number

Porting your CallTrax™ phone number is done the same way you would port a cell phone number from one carrier to another. You simply need to select the carrier you wish to switch to and ask them to port the number from Marchex, the company that currently owns it. You can port the number if:

  1. It is not currently being used on your Prospect Genius campaign.
  2. It is not currently being used on someone else’s Prospect Genius campaign.
  3. It is tied to an active account at Marchex. (This stipulation is imposed by Marchex, not Prospect Genius.)

If you experience trouble porting the number, please note that Prospect Genius has ZERO involvement with this process. You’ll need to contact Marchex directly. Their website can be found here: http://www.marchex.com/call-tracking/call-analytics. As long as you act within the first 10 days after terminating your Prospect Genius campaign, there will be no fee to port the number. However, once outside of the 10 days, you will incur fees. Because Marchex charges a $500 minimum to activate a new account, we will assist you with the porting process by reactivating your number in our existing account. In other words, we’ll save you from paying $500 out of pocket to Marchex. This assistance comes with a $20 fee for our time, and we will only hold the number in our account for 15 days.