What You Need to Know About Missing E-Mail Notifications

Some clients have not been receiving their usual e-mail notifications about incoming phone calls. Is this happening to you? Before we jump into an explanation, we’d like to make one thing clear: You are still receiving incoming calls. You just aren’t receiving e-mails notifying you about them.  We could use a lot of technological mumbo-jumbo to explain what’s causing the […]

Why Do Rewarding SEO Campaigns Demand Your Patience?

Wouldn’t SEO campaigns be so much easier if you could just flip a switch and watch them go? Alas, the Internet simply doesn’t work that way. Launching an online marketing campaign takes a lot of time. To ensure extended success, Prospect Genius—and many standup companies like us—must run through an exhaustive, time-consuming process when setting up any new campaign. If […]

Why Does Your Business Have So Many Missed Calls?

Have we told you lately how important it is to answer your phone? We’ve noticed many of our clients have a staggering number of missed calls. It all started with Google. In doing our day-to-day marketing tasks for clients, we discovered many clients are consistently missing important calls from Google. Not only is this a pain for us—because then we […]

Phone Package Upgrade: Scam or Necessity?

Has your phone package recently been upgraded? Are you confused about why the phone package upgrade raised your bill by a few extra dollars per month? Some clients have been vocal about their confusion—which we always welcome—and have even shared their concerns about it with us. Now, we’d like to explain why we have to handle the […]

Take Full Advantage of What Prospect Genius Has to Offer

You’ve already taken the perfect first step in signing up for Prospect Genius’s online advertising services. But are you doing everything you can to optimize your campaign’s success? Work gets busy, and it’s easier to just leave your campaign in the hands of our specialists. While you can enjoy some success by doing that, you’ll […]

Business 101: How to Close More Sales

Often times, businesses get plenty of phone calls and inquiries about their services, but end up having trouble closing the sale. If you’re in this position, don’t worry; you’re not alone! Sealing the deal is a common problem for all kinds of business owners. For some strategies on how to close more sales, we went […]