Case Study

All Bergen Appliance Service, LLC

This case study illustrates how we developed a Google Ads pay-per-click campaign to more than double our client’s monthly call volumes.
Screenshot of Google Ad for All Bergen Appliance Service refrigerator repair services

Professionally Designed Google Ads

We launched a Google Ads pay-per-click advertising campaign for All Bergen Appliance Service, LLC. The image above is one of the ads as displayed on an actual Google search results page. The campaign featured targeted, tested ads designed to capture motivated searchers looking for local appliance repair services using Google search.
Graph showing leads received by All Bergen Appliance Service over a series of months

Increased Leads

We initiated the PPC campaign in mid-May, and the client’s incoming leads jumped from an average of approximately 200 leads per month to just over 300 leads received in May. Leads increased to over 450 in July. Because of the way the ads display, the PPC campaign increases “calls” (blue) and generates “PPC calls” (orange).

A graph showing leads received by All Bergen Appliance Service over the course of many months, exponentially rising.

Doubled Calls

We helped the client increase incoming calls from prospective customers from 203 in April (the month prior to the PPC launch) to 464 in July!

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