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Providing affordable online marketing solutions for small businesses nationwide, Prospect Genius continues to welcome even more new members into our program. We’re ready to help your company utilize the Internet for effective local marketing, helping you connect with the customers that are already looking for your services online. We’re helping hundreds of businesses just like […]

When the faucet still insists on dripping after the third DIY experiment, it is time to call a professional! We connect service providers to their customers in need.

Especially with all of the how-to videos and articles readily available on the Internet, more and more people are attempting DIY home improvement, car customization, and more. But while your average homeowner can usually handle a minor faucet repair or headlight bulb replacement, not all projects are best left in the hands of amateurs. And […]

These local businesses are fighting the competition with effective online advertising

If you’re wondering how to connect your local business with new customers, it can be hard to know which types of advertising will really pay off in the end. But with Prospect Genius’s effective online marketing campaign, you can use the Internet to make it fast and easy for new customers to find your company. […]

Don’t fret, effective and affordable online advertising is in reach.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into welcoming a few of the newest Prospect Genius community members! Providing credit card processing services to businesses throughout New Jersey, BatchOut specializes in helping your company get ahead. From merchant accounts to ATMs to credit card processing terminals, these pros can help your business get the technology and […]

Introducing the newest local businesses to recognize the value of the Prospect Genius SEO program.

Wow! We’re just swamped with new members here at Prospect Genius. With more and more local businesses realizing the value of our online marketing program, we’re welcoming tons of new customers every day. Just a few of our newest members include: Ligero Energy. If you’re a business looking to save big on your natural gas […]

Taking a breather from all the Thanksgiving leftovers to introduce some new members!

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Here at Prospect Genius we managed to squeeze in a turkey dinner between signing up new members–the PG community has continued to grow by leaps and bounds! Let’s take a moment to welcome just a few of our new community members: First, we have ANDY OnCall of Clearwater, […]

Still waiting for things to die down over here, we are busy as ever!

As usual, I’ve only got a few minutes to announce more new PG members, so let’s not waste any time! Starting in Albany, NY, let’s welcome Michael C Cerrone Construction. Headed by an experienced builder, this company is the remodeling contractor to call for just about any type of home renovation. Specializing in fine finishes […]