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GBP Rescue:
Reinstate Your Google Business Profile

(Formerly Known as “Google My Business” or “Google Map Listing”)

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“Google suspended my business account. Now what?”

You just logged in to your Google Business Profile, only to see a red alert that says your listing has been suspended.

What?! Why?

Of course, Google doesn’t give you a coherent explanation, only some vague line saying, “does not meet guidelines” or “is not eligible to display on Google.”

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You likely made an honest mistake somewhere on your Google listing, and now it’s been taken down—with no clear-cut way of getting it back. It feels like a gut punch.

This happens to countless well-meaning business owners who didn’t know they were doing anything wrong. On top of that, they have no idea how to fix their mistake because Google only gives cryptic responses and zero straight answers. It’s a nightmare.

But what if we told you there’s a way to get your Google listing back with a 95% rate of success?

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When your Google Business Profile is taken down, it’s GBP Rescue… to the rescue.

Let us help you fix your suspended Google Business Profile.

If your Google Business Profile has been slapped with a suspension, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, tons of small business owners are in the exact same boat.

As you’ve already discovered, the process of fixing your suspended Google Business Profile is extremely confusing— and it can be a pretty risky endeavor. When your Google Business Profile gets suspended, you will only have two chances at filing an appeal.

However, there’s a silver lining here:

The fact that Google does this so frequently means we’ve had lots of practice fixing suspended business profiles.

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95% success rate!

In fact, our GBP Rescue program has a 95% success rate in recovering Google Business Profiles when we have a client’s full cooperation.

Your cooperation is crucial because there are a few steps in the reinstatement process that only the business owner can complete, such as:

  1. Joining the Google rep on a Google Meet call from inside your business location.
  2. Sending us a copy of your business license (so Google can confirm its existence).
  3. Allowing us to temporarily manage your Google Business Profile so we can make necessary changes that align with Google’s guidelines.

And even when we don’t get these things from the business owner, we still recover 80% of the listings we attempt!

Google Business Profile reinstatement in less than two weeks!

On average, GBP Rescue fully recovers Google Business Profiles in two weeks. It’s often much faster than that, but there are some outliers. (Again, a lot of it comes down to client cooperation.)

And as long as you don’t make any changes after we’re done, our work will stick—meaning Google won’t suspend your business listing again!

GBP Rescue’s success is thanks to our 10+ years of experience working as a liaison between local business owners and Google. We know how to speak Google’s language, operate in their framework, and follow best practices to a T.

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Stop wasting your precious time emailing back and forth with Google, spinning your wheels, and getting nowhere. Instead, let our experts do all the legwork for you.

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