Don't Be Afraid to Get Emotional in Local Search

Don't Be Afraid to Get Emotional in Local Search

At first thought, you might not believe emotions have anything to do with local searches for things like appliance repairs, junk removal services, or window installation. Indeed, these topics appear rather dry. However, as Ryan Shelley uncovers in his recent article on Search Engine Land, emotion is what powers every local search, and what ultimately […]

11 Ways to Fight the Locksmith Scam and Win

Google’s lackluster attempts to beat back the locksmith scamĀ are misfiring and hitting honest locksmith companies instead. Don’t you feel frustrated when you play by the rules but still getĀ targeted by Google? The unfortunate reality is, due to how widespread the scam is, Google automatically puts locksmiths under the microscope simply for being locksmiths. This means […]

New Friends in Autumn

Hello again! Sorry again for the long silence but let’s get right to welcoming a few newcomers that I’ve pulled out of a hat. I wish I could mention everyone but no one wants to listen to me blather on for 6 pages so here’s a sample… We’ll start with a 2-for-1 because we’re talking […]

Hello Albany NY !

Hi everyone! It’s been a crazy month here at the Prospect Genius shop as we’ve been growing our team and adding new accounts. We have a talented new sales director named Thompson, who we’ll officially introduce with his own post in just a few days, so stay tuned… As the title of this post suggests, […]