Don't Be Afraid to Get Emotional in Local Search

Don't Be Afraid to Get Emotional in Local Search

At first thought, you might not believe emotions have anything to do with local searches for things like appliance repairs, junk removal services, or window installation. Indeed, these topics appear rather dry. However, as Ryan Shelley uncovers in his recent article on Search Engine Land, emotion is what powers every local search, and what ultimately leads to a purchasing decision—whether we’re conscious of it or not.

Pain and Pleasure as Motivation

In his article, Shelley discusses the two specific emotions that motivate consumers to make a purchasing decision:

  • The desire to soothe pain
  • The desire to obtain pleasure

Or, as he succinctly puts it: “Pain and pleasure are key driving forces behind every person’s action.” Therefore, your online content should capture at least one of these emotions. For most local service providers, your appeal is your ability to alleviate your customer’s pain: You fix the broken washing machine that’s been making laundry difficult; you unclog the dishwasher that suddenly overflowed in the middle of the night; you troubleshoot the old furnace to figure out why their utility bills have been astronomical; and so on. Of course, other businesses like car audio installers and home remodeling contractors are successful because they deliver pleasure: a fun, high-quality speaker system or a beautiful, new kitchen. You get the idea.

Target Your Customers’ Emotions in Your Content

It’s up to you to know your customer base and their motivations, and how your business makes life better for them. Why does a typical customer call you? What are the pain points they frequently wish to resolve? Alternatively, what are the luxuries they seek to enjoy? And, most importantly for either scenario, how does your business help them solve their problems and meet their specific needs? Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a much more effective presence in local search. That is, once all of your online content—including business listings, social media posts, and website pages—addresses them head on. Appeal to your customers’ needs and demonstrate how you meet them. By targeting their basic desires to seek pleasure and avoid pain, you’ll dramatically increase your leads and improve your chances of closing more jobs. Want more details on how emotions help you connect with customers via local search? Read Shelley’s full article: “The Psychology of Search: Unleashing the Power of Connection.” And to learn more about what it takes to enhance your local search performance, read our previous blog post: “Want to Dominate Local Search? Here’s One Thing You Need.”