The Benefits of PG eFlyers

I posted about the Premium Package a couple days ago, but I also wanted to specifically discuss the benefits of the eFlyer. This online marketing tool is a key part of the Premium Package and offers some pretty cool advantages all on its own…

First of all, you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is a PG eFlyer?” A Prospect Genius eFlyer is a single page containing your company’s essential data. We take all of the most important details from your microsite and transform it into a portable, one-page format. Essentially we’re creating an information-packed page that communicates everything about your company as concisely as humanly possible. It’s a custom page that contains images, links, contact details, and more. Check out a sample Prospect Genius eFlyer here.

So now you know what a PG eFlyer is, let’s get into the meat of what it can do for you. The eFlyer works alongside your custom Prospect Genius microsite to direct even more traffic to your business, creating a two-pronged online marketing approach. The SEO experts at PG promote the eFLyer differently than the microsite, expanding your Web presence and reaching a bigger audience. On top of that, the eFlyer creates an additional URL for your company: meaning that instead of one link appearing in a search results page, you could have two. That’s twice as many chances for customers to connect with your business!

As if that wasn’t enough, the eFlyer’s printable design is also a unique tool for staying connected with customers. Customers can easily print out your eFlyer and have all the relevant info about your company: even after they’ve walked away from their computer, you still stay connected with them!

Available to Premium Package Prospect Genius clients, the eFlyer is our latest tool to get the absolute most out of your online presence. If you’re ready to ramp up your online marketing strategy, sign up for the Premium Package today. Contact your salesperson or email us at