Spam Calls

How to Solve Your Problem With Spam Calls Right Now

Are you being dogged by spam calls all day long? Telemarketers and robocalls are running rampant these days, and small business owners are getting the brunt of it. Average Americans are certainly getting their fair share of spam calls, too, but it’s nothing compared to what business owners are experiencing on a daily basis. Spam […]

Why Does Your Business Have So Many Missed Calls?

Have we told you lately how important it is to answer your phone? We’ve noticed many of our clients have a staggering number of missed calls. It all started with Google. In doing our day-to-day marketing tasks for clients, we discovered many clients are consistently missing important calls from Google. Not only is this a pain for us—because then we […]

Do You Have a Plan for Handling Missed Calls?

As a small business owner, you can’t possibly answer the phone every time it rings, especially if you’re on a much-deserved vacation from work. But that’s no excuse for missing all of those incoming leads. The number of sales you close is directly proportional to the number of calls you answer, but for those times when you […]