Prospect Genius Expands into Raleigh, North Carolina

Hello again. I’ve only got a minute, but I wanted to go ahead and welcome some new folks to the Prospect Genius community. We have so many new businesses signed up with PG that I can only greet a few, but I wanted to make sure these special customers got a warm Prospect Genius welcome. To simplify things, I’m just going to call out three customers from the Raleigh, North Carolina, area. I apologize to all of the other PG members I’m skipping over today…

First, we have Steamatic Triangle Service. These cleaning gurus provide a full line of home cleaning services, from steam carpet cleaning to mold removal. And, if tragedy strikes, Steamatic offers fire restoration to salvage, stabilize, and clean your belongings after a disaster. They’re a bright light in the darkness of misfortune, working to get you back your life as soon as possible.

Next let’s welcome Homeworx Inspections Inc. Offering both commercial and residential building inspections, Homeworx ensures that you know what you’re getting into when you purchase a home or office. Their fully licensed and certified home inspector evaluates a building for damage or potential problems so you’re not caught by surprise. Because knowing is half the battle.

Finally, say hello to Moon’s Flooring. This company specializes in all types of flooring. Laminate, linoleum, carpeting, and hardwood: Moon’s Flooring does them all. Better yet, Moon’s is both a sales and installation outlet, so you don’t have to bother with a middleman. Visit their showroom to see hundreds of flooring samples and pet their adorable dog while you’re there!

I’ve got to run, but I’ll try to catch up with you all next week. Be sure to welcome these new folks from Raleigh and everyone I didn’t have time to mention. Hopefully I’ll be able to welcome more Prospect Genius community members soon.