From housekeeping to plumber services, we have worked with them all.

Business is booming here at Prospect Genius, and we have so many new members we can barely keep up! But that’s always a good thing–we want more and more small businesses to take advantage of our affordable online marketing program. Just a few of our newest friends and associates include: Hydroswift Cleaning, Inc. Providing top-quality […]

Companies from New Orleans to New York are choosing PG for their online advertising.

We’re staying busy here at Prospect Genius–we’re adding new members so fast we can barely keep up! As usual, I only have a couple of minutes to welcome new PG associates, so I want to apologize to everyone I’m leaving out. A few is better than none at all, though, so let’s dive right in… […]

Keeping busy as usual! More and more local businesses are turning to us every day for their online advertising support!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while… Time just keeps getting away from me. So before I forget again, I’m going to quickly welcome a few more new PG associates. As always, sorry to all the new people I’m neglecting to mention, but I never have time to annouce everyone! Let’s start with Sound Performance, […]