SEO Firm Creates Integrity Pledge to Emphasize Commitment to Honesty and Customer Success

Prospect Genius, a local online advertising company, is proud to announce their new employee integrity pledge program. This integrity pledge was created to articulate Prospect Genius’s long-standing commitment to supporting the success of local businesses as well as illustrate for their clients what sets PG apart from other, less scrupulous search engine optimization (SEO) marketing companies. Alex Pelli, Prospect Genius president, states, “We always look out for our customers. Their success is our priority, and we make sure our entire team follows the search engine guidelines so our whole campaign is aboveboard. Our integrity is what sets us apart from black-hat companies that take businesses’ money and then destroy their website’s chances by breaking Google’s rules. Prospect Genius has always been dedicated to our customers, but we’ve recently developed an integrity pledge that communicates these values and commitments clearly for ourselves and for our clients.” Internet advertising often gets a bad name due to the underhanded tactics of many online marketing companies. Known as “black-hat SEO,” many of these so-called web marketers use strategies that are clearly against the guidelines outlined by the major search engines like Google. These techniques can produce positive results in the short term, but when the search engines discover that these rules have been violated, they dole out hefty penalties. This puts a website at a major disadvantage, and, ultimately, businesses who advertise with companies that use these deceitful tactics are left worse off than when they started working with the black-hat SEO company. On the other hand, white-hat SEO companies like Prospect Genius work within the strictures put in place by the search engines to provide local businesses with long-term solutions for online advertising and far better value for their marketing dollars. As Pelli comments, “Black hat can get a site to the top fast, but only for a day or a week until the penalties stomp on the site and send it way down the results, sometimes permanently. That’s why we do it right. Following Google’s rules, we take the approach of treating our customers like long-term business partners and make our goal their success both today and tomorrow. We’ll never promise our customers results we can’t produce, and we’ll go about building their SEO campaign in a way that can produce increasingly positive results over time. At Prospect Genius, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and integrity to bring our customers the SEO experience they deserve.” In recent weeks, all Prospect Genius employees have signed the new integrity pledge, committing themselves as individuals to following the rule of always putting the customer first. The full text of the integrity pledge can be found on their website, here: Prospect Genius is a local, online advertising company that uses SEO to connect clients with area customers searching for their services on the Internet.