No More Bad Leads: How to Score Customers Without Burning Money on Pay-Per-Lead

Avoid the hidden costs of paying per lead.

Sick of wasting your money on bad leads?

  • You’re paying for leads but not getting any good jobs out of them.
  • You have to battle your competitors for each lead because all your leads are shared.
  • You can’t even get your money back when they send you leads for services you don’t offer.

What’s the alternative? It’s simple: online advertising services that are focused on promoting your business organically and locally in all different corners of the Internet.

  • Leads come from local, motivated customers who find your business by doing a simple web search. This means they’re actually relevant to your business.
  • Leads are organic and unique to your business. You don’t have to compete for them.
  • No more annoying calls or wasted money on pay-per-lead services that don’t deliver what you’ve paid them for.
  • Instead, a flat, monthly fee helps you manage your budget and save.

Get your free assessment today! Prospect Genius offers customized, affordable online advertising. Find out how we can get your business—and budget—back on track. “We canceled all of our other advertising online but kept Prospect Genius because you guys have a flat fee and you guys are awesome! I was formerly with Service Magic and I had to pay per lead which cost me a fortune per call and some callers only asked me quick question and it didn’t even turn into a paying job. I sure do appreciate you guys! I’ve spent a lot of money with a lot of other companies and hardly any of them delivered what you guys deliver.” – Rich Aragon, Dallas Metro Appliance