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Want to get to know your online marketing partners at Prospect Genius?

We could list out a pile of degrees, decades of web advertising experience, and other technical mumbo-jumbo, but that doesn’t tell you what you really want to know. Here’s the real scoop on the friendly folks at PG.

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Aerka DeAgostine

Campaign Coordinator

  • Sunday school teacher
  • Extrovert
  • Skilled communicator

Alex Pelli

President & CEO, Founder

  • Shredder of epic powder
  • Sport clay shooter
  • Data-driven analyst

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Elsie Alkurabi

Inbound Marketing Coordinator

  • Casual powerlifter
  • Introvert
  • YouTuber

Jay McGlothlin

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

  • Snowmobiler
  • Sport shooter
  • Tech guru

No other online marketing team does more to earn your trust.

We’re hiring.
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Julie Sparks

Writing Manager

  • DIYer
  • Yarn/fabric fanatic
  • Grammar snob

Laura Delaney

Production Manager

  • Acrylic and oil painter
  • Detail- and quality-oriented implementer
  • American bulldog adorer

Galen Heins

Account Manager

Meghan Kokosa

Account Manager

Mike Coleman

Sales Manager

Lori Strow

Account Manager

  • Super mom and yogi
  • Lighthearted punster
  • Business and relationship builder

Rachel Tatarek

Senior Copywriter

  • Wannabe chef
  • TV/comedy junkie
  • Lover of wordplay

Tim Lawton

Web Marketing Specialist

  • Comic book reader
  • Drummer
  • Isaac Asimov fanatic

…Working out of our lovely office in Troy, New York

Prospect Genius – Our Story

Born from a desire to make online marketing affordable for local businesses. Committed to unwavering honesty and integrity. Delivering a full spectrum of customizable solutions.

The story of Prospect Genius begins with a couple of tech-savvy guys and a simple concept: honest online marketing for local businesses.
Years ago, when online advertising was in its infancy, Alex Pelli and Jay McGlothlin noticed the system was rigged against small, local businesses. SEO was wildly expensive, and only large corporations could afford to promote themselves online. Even worse, local businesses were hurt by their lack of knowledge about online marketing. They couldn’t pay for SEO, but they also couldn’t do it themselves—thus, they struggled to compete locally with large corporations.

Committed to making things better for local businesses, Alex and Jay jumped into finding an affordable solution. They finally figured it out: Instead of redesigning companies’ existing websites for SEO, they would create optimized microsites using templates. Since microsites could be built efficiently, costs would remain low. Voilà: the world of SEO was unlocked for small businesses, and Prospect Genius was born.

After building the company from the ground up (literally—it started out in Alex’s basement), Prospect Genius has successfully helped hundreds and hundreds of local businesses promote themselves online. As web behavior changes and online marketing is dictated by increasingly complex algorithms, we’re adapting with the times. We’ve branched out beyond SEO to a cross-sectional approach that also now includes PPC, content creation, social media marketing, and much more. And we’ll remain focused on affordable web marketing solutions no matter how the industry evolves.

However, there are other slimy marketers still taking advantage of vulnerable business owners. Cynicism and distrust about online advertising are understandably rampant. So we chose to do something about it. We have doubled down on our commitment to honesty by signing a company-wide Integrity Pledge. In doing so, we’ve raised the bar for marketers everywhere.

While the online advertising industry is up to its eyeballs in snake oil, we have been dedicated to honesty, quality, and professionalism since day one. We keep our clients’ best interests at heart—even when it hurts us—and that will always be a cornerstone of our business. We’ll never let our integrity waver. Our online marketing services are here to change the world one small business at a time.

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