Winterize Your Marketing

Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. That means your business’s fourth quarter is officially upon you. So what are you doing for marketing this winter to make sure your company closes out the year strong? Prospect Genius’s goal is to provide small business owners with all of the tools they need to create the most successful campaign possible. Whether your business has seasonal offerings that could use extra promotion or you just want to put your company in the best possible position to begin the new year in 2015, we have the tools you need. Here are some of the options that are available to you for totally revving up your marketing this winter.

Upgrade Your Site’s Layout

If you’ve had a campaign with Prospect Genius for more than four or five years, then it might be time to talk to your account manager or campaign coordinator about a template upgrade. A sleek, new design could be all it takes to get prospects to dial their phones!

Invest in Remarketing

It’s one thing to use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to attract newcomers to your site, but what if you want to make sure past site visitors return? That’s what remarketing is for. It’s a form of PPC that targets individuals who have already visited a page on your site. After these individuals leave your site, they’ll start seeing ads (on other websites or on Google) for your site, thus keeping your business right at the top of their minds. If you want to make sure everyone remembers your name this winter, remarketing is a great investment.

Promote Seasonal Offerings

For most of us, wintertime signifies cold weather and holiday gift giving. If your business has a product or service that caters to either of these, make sure your local prospects are aware of it. For instance, if you’re an HVAC contractor, you should advertise furnace and boiler repairs, as those are specific wintertime needs. Or if you’re a car audio specialist, you may want to push your mobile electronics and accessories (like heated seats), as these make popular holiday gifts. To do this, you can buy an AdBlast or blog post, and our marketing specialists will spread the word about your seasonal offerings.

Promote Special Coupons

Along that same vein, promoting special coupons for seasonal offerings is a fantastic way to generate more leads in Q4. Use your own social media accounts or have our specialists update your website to advertise special discounts and rates for winter-related products and services. You may even want to buy ad space in local newspapers and radio broadcasts. Ask your account manager about our AdverTrax package, which gives you a memorable domain name and phone number to help maximize your radio dollars.

Match Your Marketing

Speaking of coupons… If you advertise a special coupon on the radio, TV, or newspaper, you need to make sure it matches the coupons on your social media and website, as well. In fact, all of your marketing messages should be 100% matching across the board, no matter what. Whether it’s one limited-time discount or complete re-branding, you want to make sure the content on your website mirrors the advertisements you’re promoting, and vice versa. Marketing works best when it’s uniform because familiarity builds trust. Prospect Genius can take on this project for you. If you work with a marketing rep from the newspaper, television, or radio, simply give us their contact info, and we’ll coordinate with them to make sure your web content matches all of your advertisement’s language and messaging—thus maximizing the power of all your advertising efforts this winter. By taking advantage of the diverse packages Prospect Genius has to offer, you’ll be able to optimize your company’s advertising and put yourself in a fantastic position to close out 2014 strong. The days are getting shorter, so don’t waste any time. Call your account manager or campaign coordinator today to take your marketing this winter to the next level!