Unpacking the Phone Package

The success of our customers is what keeps us moving forward. Our ultimate goal is to make your phone ring with solid leads on the other line. If we aren’t doing that, then we aren’t doing our job. However, sometimes a client’s lead generation campaign works almost too well, and they receive more calls than their initial phone package allows. That’s when we have to adjust a client’s phone package to accommodate more minutes on the phone with prospective customers. The majority of the time, that means a slight increase in our clients’ monthly fee. In this post, we’ll explain how the phone package works and why the fee is actually a win for you.

We Don’t Profit From the Higher Price

Why do our customers even have to pay for the phone package in the first place? Shouldn’t that be covered by our flat, monthly fee? Our monthly fee is there to cover the cost of hosting your LeadTrax™ site, maintaining your web presence, and performing updates as needed. It also does cover the baseline costs for phone minutes, which is a universal expense for every company. Even Verizon and AT&T have to pay for line charges! Our CallTrax™ feature is driven by a company that specializes in call analytics for ad campaigns, and those services cost money. When we increase your phone package, we have to pay this call tracking company for more minutes. Therefore, when we charge you for additional minutes, we’re simply passing along the charge to you. Otherwise, we would be paying out of pocket to provide an additional service for you. The price is increased just enough to cover the extra cost to us.

The Phone Package Maintains Our Incentive

Having to pay out of pocket for all of your minutes would erase our incentive to keep your campaign running effectively. If our costs rose due to phone line charges and we didn’t pass them along, then we would have a distinct incentive to provide you with fewer calls so our margins wouldn’t shrink. But we don’t want to be handcuffed by a financial incentive to do less—it’s not in your best interests and it’s not why we got into this business. Essentially, we pass along these costs so we can continue to make your campaign as successful as possible.

It’s Part of Our Integrity Pledge

Every Prospect Genius employee vows to treat clients with the utmost respect and to value our clients’ interests over our own. That’s why, when we launch your LeadTrax site and campaign, we only charge you for the minimum phone package. Since there’s a growth period for your campaign, during which your web presence is still building and calls aren’t coming in as consistently yet, it simply wouldn’t be fair to charge you for a bigger phone package. Instead of making you pay for minutes that you aren’t going to use, we wait until valuable customer calls are coming in on a regular basis before signing you up for a larger package. Remember: Every company in this business must pay phone line charges. No matter who you deal with, those minutes must be paid for. If an SEO company never raises their phone package price or never adjusts your bill to allow for more minutes, that means they’ve been unnecessarily charging you for the biggest package from the get-go.

Phone Package Breakdown

We determine which level of the phone package is applicable for you based on the number of minutes you use per month. Every new client starts at Level 0, which includes up to 100 minutes each month. For most clients, 100 minutes is ample to cover their monthly call volume for the life of the campaign. Moving forward, however, if minutes in excess of your current level are used, you are upgraded to the next level. Charges aren’t cumulative, though, and each charge increase isn’t very significant. For example, the first increase is just $9! At the end of the day, we keep your best interests at heart. We only upgrade phone packages when absolutely necessary, and we’ll always notify you if there’s going to be a change to your bill. If you have any questions about our phone package or need additional clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact your campaign coordinator or account manager.