Trashing online marketing team's efforts

Are You Trashing Your Online Marketing Without Knowing It?

Now that you’ve hired an online marketing team to help your small business, your work is done, right? Not quite. It’s really tempting to want to hand your marketer the keys and never think about your website or Google again. However, that’s not how it works. During the initial weeks and months of working with your online marketing team, you’ll need to help out by providing them with lots of information about your business and even giving them access to your online listings (including Google).

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make…

…Is not providing your marketer with the information they need. That includes your company history, service categories and details, up-to-date contact information, and even login information. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out what can happen when your online marketing team is left with missing information and only half the picture. Let’s jump in!

“I Want to Help, But I Don’t Have Time!”

Many business owners find themselves grappling with this dilemma. But the hard truth is that you must make the time. Of course you’re busy running a small business. We have the utmost sympathy for your chaotic schedule and even more admiration for your work ethic. However, your marketer has a job to do, too. And when they’re having trouble communicating with you and they aren’t getting the information or resources they need, they can’t do the job you’re paying them to do. Your marketer will have time-sensitive questions about your website and campaign that will need to be answered quickly. They’ll need as much information as possible in order to create the most accurate representation of your business. And when we talk about “information,” we’re not just talking about your company background. Your marketing specialists also need your login information for Google and other accounts so they can optimize your listings and overall web presence.

“But I Don’t Give Out My Information to Anyone!”

We get it. Everything you’ve ever learned about the Internet tells you never to give out your username or password. It’s a scary world out there, and you don’t know who you can trust. However, this is an exception. You’ve hired your marketer to act on your behalf. This, by definition, requires them to log into your business accounts… as you!  This level of trust is why it’s so critical to thoroughly vet a marketing team before you hire them. To put your mind more at ease, we have a simple solution. It allows your online marketing team to access and manage your Google account without ever knowing your real password. Here’s how it works:

  • You change your password right before giving it to your marketer. Switch it to something easy, like, “marketing123.”
  • Your marketing team uses this password to log in and make themselves “manager” of your Google account.
  • Once they’ve been assigned as manager, they will be able to use their own Google account to access and update your listing.
  • As soon as they’re finished and logged out of your account, you can change your password right back to what it was before.

This lets them go in and do their job without requiring you to give up any privacy.

So, What Happens When Your Marketer Doesn’t Have Enough Information?

You’re paying your online marketing team with the expectation of satisfying results. Why make them perform with one hand tied behind their back? Think of it like hiring a contractor to build your house.  If you don’t tell them how big your family is, how many cars you have, how many bedrooms you want, or even what your favorite colors are, you’re probably not going to get the house of your dreams. Not even close. The same goes for your website and online marketing campaign. If you don’t give your marketer an accurate picture of your service offerings, company history, or even what you want your website to look like, they won’t be able to effectively promote you online. It’s that simple.

You Don’t Have to Do the Heavy Lifting…

You just need to spot them. Online marketing campaigns aren’t “set it and forget it” machines. They’re constantly evolving organisms. So while your online marketing team is doing most of the work—writing your website’s content, designing the layout, and promoting you all over the Internet—they’re going to need a little bit of support. In order to tackle the fluid nature of local search, they need ready access to information about your company in case any pressing questions or issues pop up. Your business’s contact person doesn’t even need to be the owner. It can be an office manager or anyone else who is knowledgeable enough to answer questions and provide login assistance if your marketer needs it.

Bottom Line? Make Time and Be Supportive!

Now you understand why your marketer is calling you with questions so frequently. In order to be an effective online marketing team and successfully grow your business, they need lots of information from you. There’s no way around it. So the next time your marketer calls you and asks you to expand on one of your services or verify something with Google, remember: They’re just doing their job. Let them.