The Prospect Genius Portal App: A New Way to Track Lead Generation

We’re always looking for ways to make tracking our campaigns easier for clients. With that goal in mind, we’ve been developing a smartphone app that would enable all of our clients to access their campaign reports with the simple click of a button. Finally, we’re happy to announce that the Prospect Genius Portal app is now available for Androids and iPhones!

Why an App?

Well, think about it. Did you notice any particular trend the last time you strolled through the mall or sat down at a restaurant? If you did, it might have had something to do with the fact that smartphones are popping up everywhere. No matter where you turn, it seems like someone is always typing or scrolling away on their smartphone.  But it’s not an illusion. In fact, studies show that more than half of all American consumers use smartphones. It makes sense, too: their high-speed wireless connections and sleek designs make it easier than ever to be productive and social on the go. For that reason, smartphones are becoming more popular by the day, especially with business owners and service providers who travel from location to location for work. At Prospect Genius, we’ve noticed an influx of smartphone usage among our clients, which is why we decided to design our very own app. The way we see it, our clients are already using their smartphones several times a day for e-mail, texting, web browsing, and more—so why not use it to keep track of their Prospect Genius campaigns, too?

(Source: comScore, December 2012)

What Makes the App Worthy of Downloading?

Primarily, it allows clients access to their campaign reports right at their fingertips. While the Prospect Genius Portal app looks similar to the current mobile version of our site, it’s significantly more convenient and user-friendly as it can be accessed almost instantly. Now, whenever a client wants to check on their LeadTrax™ performance or view their MapTrax™ numbers, they can simply launch our app. That certainly beats the hassle of opening their browser and typing in the URL every time they want to check their campaign’s performance. It’s also free for both Android and iPhone users. That never hurts, either.

What Are Some Standout Features?

Our app was designed with an emphasis on simplicity. After all, we know that our hard-working clients are always on the job and don’t have a whole lot of extra time on their hands to enlarge tiny font or scroll through a long series of menu items. The minimalist design of our app is the perfect complement to our clients’ busy work schedules. Moreover, there are some great features that make using our app extremely easy and convenient. 1. A basic log-in screen with large, visible text. Log-in screen 2. A streamlined menu that allows clients to quickly select which reports or functions they’d like to access. Menu screen 3. Every campaign report is available in crystal-clear detail. Traffic summary Traffic summary Traffic summary The only typing required is on the initial log-in screen. After that, clients can view the basic menu and check out all the different features of their lead generation campaigns, just as they would in the regular Client Portal of our website or mobile site. There is also a prominent “Contact Us” option that allows clients to call or e-mail us directly from the app with any questions or concerns they might have.

How to Install the App

Are you interested in checking out the Prospect Genius Portal for yourself? Here’s how you can install it on whichever smartphone you own. Android: If you’re an Android user, you can search for our app in the Google Play Store or simply go to this link: Prospect Genius Portal. iPhone: For iPhone users, just follow these 4 easy steps: 1. Open your browser (probably Safari) on your smartphone and go to Log-in screen 2. Click on the button indicated in this image. Log-in screen 2 3. Click on “Add to Home Screen.” Add to home screen 4. Hit “Return” on your keyboard. Save We look forward to seeing how our app improves our clients’ productivity and sense of convenience when it comes to making the most of their lead generation campaign. The success of any Prospect Genius campaign depends largely on the degree of participation from each client. By creating this app, we hope to eliminate any obstacles that would prevent a client from having a fair shot. As always, don’t hesitate to contact Prospect Genius directly for more information!