Hope you all had an enjoyable Fourth of July!

Sorry for the long absence, but we’ve been busy here at PG. Between the Fourth of July holiday and all the new members that keep pouring in, I’ve gotten way behind. Regardless, I thought it was high time I dropped in to announce a handful of Prospect Genius’s latest associates, including:

Steinberg Plumbing of Allentown, PA. Specializing in all types of plumbing installation and repair, these master plumbers are committed to helping area home and business owners keep their plumbing systems in top working condition. So whether you’re interested in upgrading to the latest energy-efficient tankless water heater or you need professional help with leak detection, rooter service, or other drain cleaning service, Steinberg Plumbing is here to help. Don’t risk the hassle and frustration of attempting DIY plumbing: call these experts for affordable, effective plumbing maintenance and installations done right the first time!

ADP Security Systems of Greenville, SC. Protect what you love most! Providing state-of-the-art security systems for homes and businesses, these burglar alarms pros are ready to outfit your property with the security precautions you need to stay safe. From fire alarm systems to burglar alarms, ADP Security Systems can provide you with the level of protection you need to put your mind at ease. With customization options designed to suit every home, these experts offer everything you need to safeguard your house and property in case of intruders, fire, and even medical emergencies.

Sea Bright Solar of Long Branch, NJ. Looking for an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels? Then why not consider solar panel installation. Ideal for both generating electricity and heating water, solar power systems from Sea Bright Solar can help you save money and reduce your environmental impact at the same time. They’re the solar panel company you can rely on for quality installation and equipment, and with options ranging from solar water heaters to solar electricity, they can help you get the solar power systems that are right for you. And with great rebates and tax incentives, installing solar panels has never been more cost-effective. What are you waiting for? Call Sea Bright Solar now!

Comfort Masters of Stamford, CT. These master plumbers and heating specialists are committed to helping keep your home comfortable and cozy. That’s why they offer a huge range of services from radiant floor heating to faucet repair. No matter what your heating or plumbing needs, these professionals are ready to help. So whether you need furnace repair or frozen pipe repair, Comfort Masters is the expert to call!

Sorry to everyone I don’t have time to mention… I thought a few would be better than none! Check back soon. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to welcome more of our new members in the coming days.