READ: Why a Team of SEO Specialists Is Superior

When searching for an online advertising provider, business owners must decide between hiring a single SEO professional or hiring a team of SEO professionals. As with any scenario, there are pros and cons for each side. However, according to Jayson DeMers’s latest column on Search Engine Land, “The Case for Niche SEO Specialists,” a team of SEO specialists is the best choice. SEO concept 2 Essentially for DeMers, it boils down to whether you want a jack-of-all-trades operating on his own or a group of masters working together. DeMers calls solo professionals “generalists” because they have a well-rounded, generalized set of SEO skills. However, generalists don’t have the in-depth knowledge or precision that experienced specialists have. According to DeMers, since they haven’t spent a great deal of time perfecting any specific skill, it takes them longer to perform tasks and keep up with the field’s latest advancements. Due to their lack of experience, they’re also not as quick to diagnose problems or create solutions. On the other hand, a team of specialists will typically have a designated specialist for each task. Content writing, site designing, link building, social media maintenance, and local reputation management are each delegated to their respective specialists. This ensures that each task is executed efficiently and accurately. DeMers concludes:

When you start using niche experts to execute your business’s SEO strategy, you should notice an almost immediate difference. You’ll worry less about your performance on individual tasks, and you’ll see a bigger picture perspective on how everything else ties together.

Prospect Genius is proud to be such a team. We have separate writing and development teams driven by talented specialists who know the ins and outs of their niches and can perform their jobs with total precision. Read the full article for more details.