Quality Photos = More Phone Calls!

We’ve talked about this once or twice before, but having photos on your website is so important, I’ve decided to revisit the topic again. Here’s why: Studies have repeatedly illustrated that when a website features good photos, it performs better than those without. But, beyond the realm of research, here at PG, we see that rule of thumb play out among our clients every day. Customers who send in photos for their websites really do get more leads and overall better performance for their sites! If you still don’t have images on your site, or you only have low-quality, stock photos, it’s never too late to make changes. You only need a handful of great pictures to make a difference for your webpage, and the old adage, “Better late than never,” certainly applies. So what kinds of photos work best? I’m glad you asked, because great photos ensure you reap the maximum benefits. Staff photos: Group shots of you and your team are a great way to literally put a face on your company. Take the photo standing in front of your shop, or get your technicians company shirts for an extra-professional touch. Staff photos can help make prospective customers more comfortable with your company, making them more likely to hire you, especially if you’ll be coming to their home for a job. Kids and pets: Everyone loves a cute kid or two. If you run a family-owned business, a family photo is a great option for your website. Just be sure to work in some sort of company branding or tie-in. That can be as simple as miniature company shirts for the kiddos, but other options include adding your business’s logo to the image or taking the picture at your workplace. Action shots: Pictures of you and your staff at work can show prospective clients exactly what it is you do, helping secure that ever-important peace of mind. Before and after photos can also make a powerful statement about the quality work and outstanding results you provide. Community involvement: If you support local charity events, sports teams, or other community programs, take advantage of that involvement and put pictures up on your site. Your prospective clients are also members of the community, and most would rather support a business like yours that volunteers to help out neighbors and charitable organizations than one that doesn’t. Logos: These aren’t photos, per se, but a simple logo can add that final touch of polish to your site as well as make your company’s name memorable. Remember, not all photos are created equal. While all of the above ideas for images on your webpage can help your site—and your company—succeed, stock photos don’t do much to help you get ahead. The fact of the matter is, most people can pick out a stock photo a mile away. Since images are supposed to add a personal touch to your site, display your work, and make prospective clients more comfortable with YOU, stock photos pretty much fail to accomplish a single one of these goals! Want ideas for good pictures for your site? Check out these examples: