Holiday Seasonal Services

Promote Seasonal Services to End the Year Strong

It’s that time of year again! It may feel too early to start compiling your Christmas wishlist or planning a holiday party, but it’s never too early to start promoting your seasonal services. In fact, doing so will ensure you close out 2017 with a bang. Right now, most local business owners are starting to think about what they can do to capitalize on the holiday season. If you’re smart and you want to make sure you’re booked through the end of the year, you’ll start promoting now. Whether it’s a limited-time coupon, holiday special, or seasonal service, Prospect Genius can help. Our online marketing specialists are here to put your wintertime specials in front of the right people and get your phone to ring. Keep scrolling to see how our services can help you close out the year strong!

Promote These Seasonal Services

Local businesses in a wide range of industries can take advantage of the winter season. Whether you’re a handyman, electrician, or landscaper, there’s bound to be a seasonal special you can offer to your customers. For example:

  • Leaf removal
  • Stringing up Christmas lights and outdoor decorations
  • Snow plowing and/or snow removal
  • Firewood delivery
  • Christmas tree pickup
  • Year-end accounting
  • Aftermarket car accessories
  • Massage therapy
  • New appliance installation
  • Home theater installation
  • And many more!

Of course, there are countless other seasonal services we haven’t mentioned. If it makes for a popular gift idea or a helpful service during the winter months, it’s an offer worth promoting right now.

Use the Resources Available From Prospect Genius

If you’re a Prospect Genius client, you have access to numerous packages optimized for both short- and long-term results. Since we’re talking about holiday promotions right now, you’ll want to focus on just the next couple of months ahead. So, let’s dive into a few options that will help you achieve the short-term performance you’re looking for. Boost

This is a 1-month, paid advertising package that uses Facebook ads to drive results. Its short duration means minimal commitment or investment. Therefore, it’s ideal for quick campaigns and anyone who wants to try Facebook ads for the first time.

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This package uses Google AdWords and places your ads in the sponsored section of Google’s search results pages. We manage every aspect of your campaign, from ad rotation to keyword testing to bidding. You set your budget, and our experts work their magic to keep your costs as low as possible.

Facebook Advertising

In this package, we put you in front of a targeted audience on Facebook. You can use this package to promote general awareness of your business, increase visitors to your website, or amplify a specific Facebook post. Our marketing specialists will work with you to tailor this package so it fits into your overall web presence and short-term goals.

Check out this case study to see how effective Facebook ads can be for our clients!

Take Advantage of the Holidays

This time of year, many people have Christmas gifts to buy and inclement weather to endure. Smart business owners will use this season to their advantage and keep themselves busy until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. If you, too, want to end the year with a bang, start promoting your winter specials now! As always, Prospect Genius is here with the expertly designed packages you need, no matter what your goals are. Let us help!