Increased Google Rankings

How One Local Biz Went From Zero to 400 Calls Per Month

You already know being visible and discoverable online is key to attracting new customers. However, knowing this basic fact and putting it into action are two very different things. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could follow a real-life example? That’s why we put together this case study highlighting one of our clients, Advantage Disposal. Based in the Schenectady, NY, area, they’re a local trash collection and waste disposal company that transformed their online presence, going from 4 incoming calls per month to 481 per month in six months. Even more impressive, they got to page 1 of Google’s search results in less than two months. Itching to find out how they did it? Keep reading!

1. Attractive, Mobile-Friendly Website

The first thing Advantage Disposal did was sign up for our CoreSite program. As part of this program, we built them a beautiful, professionally designed website. Importantly, the website is also mobile friendly, meaning it appears seamlessly and clearly on any mobile device (like smartphones and tablets).

CoreSite by Prospect Genius

This mobile-friendly element is crucial. Why? Because more people are doing searches from smartphones and tablets than from personal computers. So, if the majority of your audience is discovering your business on a mobile device, doesn’t it make sense to design your website accordingly? By making their website easy for mobile users to read and engage with, Advantage Disposal has put itself in a fantastic position to attract more visitors.

2. Sound SEO Strategy

Then it was time to promote Advantage Disposal’s website. We implemented a proprietary approach that includes high-value directories, local maps listings, and hundreds of backlinks. The strategy worked like a charm. As intended, it gave a massive boost to Advantage Disposal’s Google rankings and increased the company’s incoming leads. In the first seven months of the campaign, Advantage Disposal received 1,773 total leads!

Advantage Disposal Monthly Leads

Impressively, the company reached page 1 rankings within six weeks. Now, page 1 isn’t the be-all and end-all of SEO campaigns, but it’s pretty darn great—especially in such a short time. Typically, this kind of result takes several months to achieve.

Advantage Disposal's Google Rankings

Click to see larger image.

Also, it’s important to understand that Advantage Disposal achieved these Google rankings for multiple search terms, not just one. And these are search terms that people actually use, like “residential waste collection Schenectady NY”…

Advantage Disposal SERP Google Rankings 1

…and “commercial trash collection Schenectady NY.”

Advantage Disposal SERP Google Rankings 2

No fudging the reports here!

3. Consistent, Valuable Activity on Facebook

After seeing substantial success via SEO, Advantage Disposal decided to keep the momentum going. They conquered the Facebook mountain next, with a three-part approach:

  • First, they added SocialStream. With this feature, we write blog posts for the client and publish them their website. Then, we share each post on their social media pages, including Facebook. This keeps Advantage Disposal’s website updated with fresh content and maintains base-level activity on social platforms.
  • They also added SocialBuzz. This involves us posting weekly updates on Facebook on a client’s behalf. In doing so, we keep Advantage Disposal’s Facebook page active and engaged.
  • Additionally, we started running ads for them on Facebook. A Facebook ad campaign allows businesses to market themselves on news feeds much like commercials on TV. The ads interrupt people’s activity, grab their attention, and burrow into their subconsciousness. However, the Facebook audience can actually interact and engage with Facebook ads, which brings in a whole new dimension.

4. Attention-Grabbing Facebook Ads

For Advantage Disposal, Facebook ads were the game changer. We set up two Facebook ad campaigns for them. The first was a short-term, one-month campaign in February 2017. In this campaign, Advantage Disposal received 11 comments and more than 25 likes, sending traffic to their website and increasing brand awareness. As a result, they received 75 calls in February—a gigantic increase from just 4 calls in January.

Advantage Disposal FB Ad 1

Subsequently, in April, we set up a long-term campaign that remains ongoing. To date, this campaign has seen substantially more engagement: 100 likes, 29 comments, and 21 shares.

Advantage Disposal FB Ad 2

Since this campaign began, Advantage Disposal has seen an increase in calls every month through July (the last complete month for which we have data). Advantage Disposal Monthly Calls

That’s 1,620 calls in seven months!

5. The Benefits of Increased Engagement

What’s so important about Facebook engagement? Well, as shown above, it’s had an undeniable impact on the number of calls Advantage Disposal receives. On top of that, we know when customers engage with your brand, they become extremely valuable and are more likely to buy from you:

  • Engaged customers spend 60% more in each transaction.
  • They make purchases 90% more frequently (nearly twice as much!).
  • Engaged customers are two times more likely to upgrade or buy additional services from you.
  • They are four times more likely to recommend you to colleagues and acquaintances.

In other words, by interacting with their audience on Facebook and dramatically increasing their monthly calls, Advantage Disposal is poised to see an uptick in sales. And isn’t that what all of this marketing is for, anyway?

Use This as Your Guide

If you want to attract more visitors to your website, improve your Google rankings, and increase engagement with customers—priming your business to make more sales—you can’t find a better blueprint than Advantage Disposal. Ready to market your local business the right way? Call or email us and tell us about your goals. We’ll help you create a strategy that gets you real, game-changing results. If Advantage Disposal can do it, you can, too!