New Friends in Autumn

Hello again! Sorry again for the long silence but let’s get right to welcoming a few newcomers that I’ve pulled out of a hat. I wish I could mention everyone but no one wants to listen to me blather on for 6 pages so here’s a sample…

We’ll start with a 2-for-1 because we’re talking about Rogue Natural Designs and Jacoby and Rogue Paint Removal. Both are owned by Karen over in Portland Oregon who is just spectacular. Rogue Natural Designs specializes in stone masonry landscaping designs and their work is just stunning. Take a quick peak at their site and you’ll see what I’m saying. Jacoby and Rogue Paint Removal is, as you would expect, another of her companies but specializes in exterior paint removal and restoration in Portland. I recommend a look at their site as well so see some amazing transformations to some homes in the Portland area. Welcome aboard!

Next is Design Wood Floors in Boston MA. I had the pleasure of putting together this site and I was blown away with the hardwood floor installation and repair photos! You simply have to check out the gallery page on their site to see some of the incredible work they’ve done with people’s floors. It’s no wonder they won the Best of Boston award for 2008.

Still in Boston is Randymars Painters and Contractors. I am pretty sure that these folks literally do everything! From painting and pressure washing to drywall and tile they really are a one-stop-shop for home repairs. Give Marco a call if you’re in their neck of the woods…you’ll be glad you did!

Heading south now to Raleigh NC we have Flanner Contracting. Bud’s a real pro when it comes to custom sunrooms and exterior siding. We’re not talking about pulling stuff out of a box and slapping it together…we’re talking about custom, quality additions to people’s homes that are just beautiful. Take a look at his site and see for yourself and if you’re nearby and thinking of how nice it would be to have a bright, sunny new addition, call him up!

All the way back on the west coast is All About Hardwood Floors. These folks are all about experience and quality. With decades of experience with hardwood floors they’ve seen it all and the work they produce is spectacular. They can turn even the most destroyed flooring into something that looks brand new. Welcome, it’s great to have you with us!

Last out of the hat, but certainly not least, is The Gathering Promotions. Their site is hot off the presses having just launched yesterday but Shanon has one interesting business. She can do and see things that I don’t even understand but her energy matrix art and psychic reading talents are incredible. She can really help you out if you need guidance and insight into your life and what’s coming. She’s written a book called “You Are Wiser Than You Think” as well and you can read the forward right on her sight so take a look, it might be just what you’re looking for. She and her team do large events as well so if you’re planning a get-together and are looking for some unique and engaging entertainment, call her up!

Well I know this went a little long, but hopefully you’ll all welcome the new additions to the group. Thanks for reading and special thanks for our new members!