Kick-Start Your Campaign With Our Boost Package

Why the Boost Package?

At Prospect Genius, we like to do things the right way. We like to give clients the results they deserve, but we also believe in playing by the rules and earning results that will actually last. In the past, this meant our clients would have to wait three months or longer to start seeing a consistent increase in leads. Although this waiting period is standard for the majority of professional SEO providers, some of our clients were understandably concerned. That’s why we’ve devised a remedy: our Boost package. Designed as a temporary pay-per-click (PPC) program, Boost will fortify your advertising efforts and add extra oomph to your campaign during this crucial waiting period. Here’s why it’s important.

The Waiting Game

Like we said, a three-month waiting period is standard for legitimate SEO. If a marketer uses black-hat tactics or spam, then you may be able to see more immediate results—but that comes with a high likelihood of getting caught and penalized by Google. That’s why we refuse to sink to dishonest tactics. It simply wouldn’t be in your best interest. So that leaves one question: Why does SEO take three months to kick in? It’s a topic we’ve covered before, but it always bears repeating. To borrow from a previous post on the same subject:

Effective SEO requires repetition. Social media listings must be routinely populated with fresh content, press releases have to be syndicated, and directories must be updated as needed. However, not all of these tasks can be done at once. There’s a strategically tiered system of steps to be completed by your SEO specialist for optimal results, and proper spacing and timing of these tasks is essential. Once this foundation has been completely set, a few months have gone by.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of waiting on our end, as well. This happens whenever we make a change to your listing on a given directory or third-party website. We have to wait for the website to update its own pages and then wait for Google to re-index that website with the new info. Eventually, Google will compile and release the new, live index. Only at this point will the changes we made several steps ago finally take effect. This process gets even further complicated if you’ve had any previous problems with your web presence, particularly any penalties or suspensions from Google. If you’ve engaged in any spam-like behavior in the past, we’ll first have to resolve those issues before we can begin the SEO process, which could make your waiting period even longer.

Get a Head Start With Boost

Although it’s impossible to circumvent the complex procedure of SEO, there’s a way to supplement it so that you aren’t stuck waiting without seeing any results. The Boost package is a short-term PPC push that gives your campaign a temporary shot in the arm. Basically, it’s a more targeted version of our standard PPC package. While you may not receive leads from organic search results when your campaign is first launched, you’ll make up for that with calls rolling in from your sponsored PPC ads. Plus, Boost is known to improve rankings in Google+ Places and organic results as well, simply by making sites quickly appear more valuable. Lasting only a few weeks, Boost is exactly what you need as a stop-gap until your long-lasting, organic leads take over.

Promote Seasonally With Boost, Too

Don’t forget: Boost is also great for businesses that offer season-specific services. HVAC technicians, landscapers, and appliance repairmen all provide services that vary in popularity depending on what time of year it is. If you offer furnace repair, for example, you can use Boost at the end of autumn to get the word out about time-sensitive maintenance. Many of our clients have used Boost in this capacity to great advantage.

Proof Is in the Pudding

When we say that our Boost package really works, we aren’t kidding. We took a sample set of our Boost success stories and found that, on average, we increased their calls by 413%! One client went from an average of 10.3 calls per month to 23 (a 223% increase), while another went from 3.7 calls per month to 29—a whopping 791% increase! When Boost is added to a campaign, the difference can be staggering. Whether you’re brand new to the Prospect Genius program or you’re an old pro, there’s always a way to utilize our Boost package for a burst of fresh leads. Call your campaign coordinator or account manager to learn how!