Josh Murlin, Is That You Again? Skyrise Solutions Attempts to Defraud Prospect Genius Clients

It has come to our attention that a company called Skyrise Solutions has been calling our clients and leading them to believe that they represent Prospect Genius. We would like to clarify that those individuals, along with Skyrise Solutions as a whole, are NOT associated with Prospect Genius in any way. You may remember a similar experience that we had with EDriven Concepts back in August 2011. In short, an EDriven Concepts sales representative named Josh Murlin called a number of our clients asking about their Prospect Genius accounts, implying that he was a representative from Prospect Genius without ever revealing his actual identity. In some of these phone calls, Mr. Murlin even tried to convince a handful of our clients to stop payment on checks made out to Prospect Genius and to instead mail these checks to an entirely different address! Well, it appears that EDriven Concepts, disappointed with his less-than-honest advertising tactics, has parted ways with Mr. Murlin. In response, he and a business partner started another company called Skyrise Solutions, which employs those same dishonest tactics to poach clients from other SEO companies—and this time, EDriven Concepts is a target. Mr. Number, a “social caller ID” service that collects information about phone numbers linked to frequent spam and telemarketing activity, has already seen a few complaints from EDriven Concepts clients regarding Skyrise Solutions. These clients report that a representative from Skyrise Solutions pretended to be their current service provider and, in one case, charged them double what they were promised. In addition to targeting his former company, Mr. Murlin and his associates at Skyrise Solutions continue their attempt to defraud Prospect Genius clients. As you can hear from the audio clip below, which was taken directly from one of the aforementioned phone calls, the sales approach is the same old song and dance: First, the sales representative tries to confuse the business owner by referencing a “previous” conversation that never actually took place. Then, they continue the present conversation and allow the client to believe that he or she is speaking with Prospect Genius, not Skyrise Solutions. You’ll notice that this particular sales rep mistakenly calls his company “Skyline,” an error that’s suggestive of tactics so dishonest, even the sales reps can’t keep them straight. Skyrise Fraud Attempt Given that this phone call took place on one of our metered lines, which are designed to record every single incoming call, Prospect Genius can say with absolute certainty that the purportedly “previous” conversation between Skyrise Solutions and this and other business owners never actually occurred. If you would like to research Skyrise Solutions even further on your own, here is some contact information that we’ve collected: Skyrise Solutions (Main) 29970 Technology Dr. STE 118 Murrieta, CA 92563 Tel.: (951) 698-6660 Cody (sales): 951-698-6707 and 951-551-1662 Please be very careful not to give representatives from Skyrise Solutions any sensitive or personal information, as we cannot guarantee its security. If you have any doubts regarding the legitimacy of a phone call, simply hang up, dial our main line (1-800-689-1273), and ask for your account manager. Wishing you pleasant, honest dealings and continued success, Prospect Genius