We couldn’t be more excited about our partnership with MERA!

I’m excited to announce Prospect Genius’s newest venture: we’ve partnered with MERA, the Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association, to bring SEO to their members. This collaboration will open lots of new doors for both of us, bringing PG new associates and helping MERA members achieve a greater, stronger Internet presence.

First let me tell you a little about MERA. Originally formulated in the mid-90s as the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association, this organization is dedicated to promoting professionalism and providing education. Through conventions, workshops, and networking opportunities, MERA offers guidance and support to members of the mobile electronics and car customization community. These guys are committed to advancing the mobile electronics industry as a whole by supporting individual car audio shops, manufacturers, and stores as they strive to provide their customers with the absolute best in aftermarket vehicle customization.

After Prospect Genius’s amazing success with one of our very first customers, Precision Mobile Audio of Albany, NY, we got the great idea of teaming up with MERA to bring our unique SEO model to their members. Mike’s car audio business has been booming with PG, so we decided to use our customized microsite approach to connect other mobile electronics retailers with customers and this new partnership was born!

I’ll be welcoming a few of PG’s new MERA associates sometime in the next week or so. We’ve teamed up with MERA board member-owned businesses first, so these shops really are the cream of the crop. Watch out for that post sometime soon!