How to Book Better Jobs This Summer

If You Don’t Promote Your Summertime Services Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Now that summer is only a month away, let’s talk about how you want to promote your summertime services.

We need to start looking at what you can do right now to boost your bookings this summer. Especially since your competitors probably aren’t planning ahead—which gives you an edge.

This post will arm you with some strategy ideas to help you book better jobs this season. Let’s jump in!

How to Book Better Jobs Than Your Competitors This Summer

The truth is, most people don’t plan ahead. They won’t remember to update their website or social media to highlight their seasonal offerings. And they certainly won’t think to campaign for a specific service months in advance.

Thankfully, you’re smarter than most people.

If you start advertising now, you’ll beat your competitors to the punch this summer. You’ll also put yourself in a strong position to cherry-pick your favorite jobs and book up your calendar through Labor Day.

Which Services Should You Promote?

Getting started is simple. Just think about the one or two jobs you would love to do all summer long, and advertise the heck out of them.

For example, here’s what some savvy businesses are doing to prepare for the season:

Landscapers are targeting homeowners who want to get their backyards and patios ready for summer.

Cleaners and junk haulers are pushing to help people with their big clean-out projects.

Home builders and remodelers are getting in front of people who put off their construction projects until it’s nicer outside.

HVAC technicians are marketing central air tune-ups in preparation for hotter temperatures.

Tax attorneys are marketing to people who are now in a panic about filing late or who had an issue with their returns.

Paving contractors are targeting homeowners and business owners who need new asphalt installation or resurfacing now that the weather is more cooperative.

Appliance repair technicians are seeking RV owners who need to service their special-sized appliances before taking their campers out on the road.

Mobile audio installers are marketing to boat and RV owners who want to optimize their stereo systems before the season officially begins.

Plumbers on the East Coast are promoting sump pump installation and backflow prevention ahead of hurricane season.

Basement waterproofers are also getting ahead of hurricane season by pushing drainage systems, sump pumps, and waterproofing panels.

What Promotional Strategies Should You Use?

Once you’ve chosen the summertime service(s) you want to promote, here are the next steps:

Dedicated web page. Make sure you have a corresponding page on your website for each service you wish to promote. Not only will this provide more information to interested site visitors, but it will also improve your credibility in Google’s view.

Pay-per-click (PPC). Get out in front of your competitors by starting a Google AdWords campaign for your specific service. This way, you’ll show up whenever someone in your area searches for that type of work.

Facebook Ads. Start a Facebook ad campaign and pop up in your target audience’s news feed! You’ll stay top of mind for that service they’ve been thinking about but haven’t pulled the trigger on yet.

Social media. Make adjustments to your social media profiles to showcase your summertime services. This way, when a potential customer visits your site or page, they’ll see it right away. You should also create posts and photos about these services to further boost your reach.

So… do you have a specific service you want to prioritize this summer?

Then get to work ASAP.

Or, if you need some guidance, give us a call or shoot us a message now. We’ll get you set up with a powerful campaign to boost your bookings this summer.