Allow us to Introduce the Newest Members to our Community

Hi, everybody! I just wanted pop in and announce a few of the newest additions to the Prospect Genius community. I only have a few moments, but here are a couple of the latest local businesses to recognize the value of our online, local advertising program:

Pioneer Basement Solutions of Akron, Ohio. A little water in your basement is no big deal, right? Wrong! A wet basement can encourage mold growth, lead to structural deterioration, and all around spell trouble for your health and home. The professionals at Pioneer Basement Solutions specialize in basement waterproofing services to help get your home safe and dry. From foundation repair to fix cracks and shifting to mold removal to eliminate this potential health hazard, these experts are your one-stop shop for complete basement waterproofing and repair. So don’t let water in your basement become a serious issue: call Pioneer Basement Solutions to make your wet basement problems a thing of the past!

Palmer Cleanouts & Disposal of Manchester, NH. Whether you’re cleaning out an estate or it’s just time to tackle the clutter in your garage, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of trash you’re facing. Don’t go it alone: Palmer’s Cleanouts & Disposal provides professional junk hauling and trash removal services to make it easy for you to conquer messes of all sizes. They even offer dumpster rental options for customers who’d like to take a DIY approach. No matter what your garbage removal project, this team of professional trash haulers can make certain your needs are met with convenience, quality, and affordable rates.

Anytime Services Appliance Repair & More of Baltimore, Maryland. When your washer breaks down or your refrigerator starts acting funny, it can throw your whole day—or week—off track. Don’t let the disruption and inconvenience of a malfunctioning appliance derail your life: call Anytime Services for professional appliance repair. Specializing in a wide range of appliance repair services, these experts have the skills and hands-on know-how to resolve a huge variety of issues on appliances of virtually any make and model. From refrigerator repair to dryer repair, Anytime Services Appliance Repair & More can diagnose the problem, fix it, and get your appliances—and your whole day—back on track!

PHP Energy Solutions of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Energy efficiency is a major buzzword in the media these days, and more and more property owners are realizing that their homes and businesses may not be as efficient as they once thought… If you’re concerned that your building may be wasting energy, you need a professional energy audit from PHP Energy Solutions. Helping identify leaks and other areas of inefficiency, a residential or commercial energy audit enables you to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement repairs and upgrades that will help save you major money in the long run. And because PHP Energy Solutions also offers general contractors to help oversee these energy-efficiency renovations, they can make the whole process simple and straightforward. Get ready to save with an energy audit from PHP Energy Solutions!

If you’re a local business owner or manager and want to learn more about how to help your company take advantage of Prospect Genius’s affordable online marketing program, contact us today. Like these local companies, we can provide you with the search engine optimization and effective online presence you need to succeed!