Here's Why You Should Get a BBB Accreditation

BBB logo

In a recent blog post on, Philip A. Rozek highlights several reasons why business owners should get accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Titled, “BBB Accreditation: Boring But Bumps Your Local SEO,” the post lists eight significant advantages that come with an accreditation from the Bureau. Some of the advantages are more technical and have to do with the valuable, high-quality link that comes from your listing on the BBB website. Other advantages are easier for small business owners to wrap their heads around. For example, according to Rozek:

  • BBB accreditation adds credibility to your business (as many consumers put a lot of stock in the BBB as an objective resource).
  • Your BBB listing may serve as an extra platform for customer reviews.
  • The BBB website ranks very well for search terms containing business names.
  • The “BBB Accredited Business” seal is a symbol of quality that prospects will immediately recognize upon visiting your website.
  • The contact information on your listing serves as an accurate citation from a credible site (and good citations are key to local search rankings).

At Prospect Genius, we encourage all of our clients to get a BBB accreditation. We will happily add the accreditation seal to your LeadTrax™ site once it’s official. Our goal is to maximize your lead generation success, and getting this accreditation is just one small thing you can do to help us make that happen.