This Glossary of Local Search Terms Is a Lifesaver

image of dictionaryThink back to the last time you spoke with your Internet marketer or read an article about SEO. Did you find your head swimming in tech jargon? Did you feel like you needed the Rosetta Stone to translate half of what they were talking about? Don’t feel bad. The world of online advertising can be somewhat insular and, because it’s so complex, it’s almost as if a whole new language has developed around it. Thankfully, the experts at Moz recognize the effect that SEO-speak has on the average consumer. They put together a comprehensive glossary of local search terms to help small business owners better understand what their marketing providers are talking about. Some of the terms, like algorithm and visibility, are widely used and already familiar to the majority of Internet users. However, many of the other terms in the glossary will be new to readers. For example, do you know what long-tail keywords are? How about rich snippets? Structured citations? You get the idea. The glossary even identifies important brand names to know, including Google AdWords, Acxiom, Localeze, SuperPages, and Picasa. Do yourself a favor and bookmark this glossary. Try to commit some of the most popular terms to memory and keep it handy for the next time you find yourself talking to a local search marketer.