February Introductions and Updates

Faithful Readers,

The wait is over, and your curiosity is about to be satisfied! Who is this Thompson fellow, you’ve been wondering… Well he’s the guy that we’ve hooked up to the caffeinated beverage I.V. so he can work for hours on end without sleep…what a productivity boost!

Seriously though, here’s a little bio on our Sales Director:

“Thompson Bellingrath is an online marketing and sales executive with experience in the segments of specialty foods, high tech and educational safety software. After beginning his career with IBM in Paris, France where he learned the ins & outs of software and hardware sales, Mr. Bellingrath founded, an online B2B marketplace for specialty foods. After selling the business to HousewaresDirect in 2004, Mr. Bellingrath has assisted business clients as a marketing consultant and “for hire” Sales Director.”

Now that we’ve got the introductions out of the way, let’s get you informed on the latest here at Prospect Genius. We’re working feverishly to provision our newly signed-up customers which has been a real joy. Between the folks in Albany, NY and Jacksonville, FL we’re really burning the midnight oil these days, but it means that we’re helping the PG community to grab lots more customers so it’s all worth it. We even had one of our customers set a new single-month telephone leads record with 53, so congratulations go to Premiere Limousine!

Our development staff is working on some really great features that we’ll be releasing soon so stay tuned for those announcements. Our most recent items include support for RSS feeds, displaying logos in the header, and some advanced synonym support so I tip my hat to those guys for all the great work combining customer feedback and good ol’ creativity and turning it into reality.

Stay tuned for more updates soon!