Do You Know What to Ask When Hiring an SEO Company?

confused man In order to ask the right questions of a prospective SEO company, you have to have a baseline understanding of online advertising. However, if you’re a small, local business owner with little knowledge of online marketing strategies, then you probably don’t quite know what you’re looking for. That’s what makes Kim Lachance Shandrow’s article, “10 Questions to Ask When You’re Hiring an SEO Consultant,” so helpful. Shandrow outlines the most important issues to consider when you’re shopping around for a new SEO company. Even if you don’t necessarily know what these specific questions mean, exactly, she explains why they’re important and tells you what kind of answers to look for. Some of those questions are:

  • Do you follow Google’s best practices for webmasters?
  • Will you please explain your SEO strategies?
  • Are you specialized in local search?
  • How do you track or measure results?

And, of course, one trick question:

  • Do you guarantee number-one rankings? (If yes, RUN!)

For the full list and explanations of each question, head on over to Shandrow’s article on! One caveat: The last question in Shandrow’s list has to do with content ownership. She states that the business owner/client should be given full ownership of any web content the SEO company creates on their behalf. This is certainly true when that content is on the website owned by the client. However, if the content is created from scratch on a totally separate site, as is the case with Prospect Genius’s LeadTrax™ sites, then this rule does not apply. (If retaining ownership of content is a top priority for you, our “Bring Your Own Site” program and ghost writing products are a great fit.) Armed with this list of incisive questions, your hunt for the perfect SEO company should see great success. Good luck!