Celebrate Customer Appreciation Month With Prospect Genius!

10% Off Additional Services

To thank our customers, Prospect Genius has declared February “Customer Appreciation Month.” We’re offering a 10% discount on additional services for our existing customers, making it more affordable to be more successful online. On top of our Lead Generation program, PG also offers a variety of online advertising services that can help boost the results you’re already seeing with the Lead Generation campaign alone. Some of our options include:

  1. Google Places Optimization
  2. Local Ad Blast
  3. Social Media & Authority Site Visibility
  4. Press Release Writing

We even offer add-ons to enhance your microsite and further improve the performance of your Lead Generation program. These include:

  1. Photo Gallery
  2. Call Recording
  3. Custom Domain and E-mail
  4. Auxiliary Metered Number

For more information on each of these packages, just go to the Client Portal at Sign in and go to “Order Additional Services” on the left. You can check out the list of options and even place your order right in the client portal. Any additional services that you order during the entire month of February automatically receive the 10% discount!

Promote Seasonal Changes

Even though you might be up to your eyebrows in snow, now is the time of year to start thinking about spring. If your company is planning to revamp your product offerings this year or you’re thinking about doing a special promotion, now is when you need to start advertising those changes. For maximum exposure and effectiveness, you’ll want to start pushing the message in the next 30 days. Our Ad Blast service is an easy, productive way to promote seasonal coupons. Does your business do something different when the snow starts to melt and the temperatures start to rise? Are you offering a new service in this upcoming year? Want to promote a coupon to advertise this new service? Prospect Genius’s Local Ad Blast is your solution for getting the word out. Many PG clients utilize this package again and again, month after month, because it can help bring in more customers and offers great return on investment.

Get the Word Out

Even beyond seasonal changes, news and events at your business can be leveraged in a way to bring your business more presence and more profit. The Prospect Genius team can use our Press Release Writing and Syndication package to help you achieve these goals. In fact, we leverage this package for that purpose all the time! Many of our clients capitalize on the press release package year round, helping keep a steady stream of traffic coming to their microsite. Our press releases also have a very positive impact on your search engine rankings, so let us help you spread the word. Even if you take it for granted, any small change or event at your company makes a great topic for a press release, and we can put that info to work for you. Our Press Release Writing and Syndication Package will get the word out and the customers in! For more information about these options, visit our website or call (800) 689-1273 to speak with a PG team member.