Beat the Competition by Promoting Your Seasonal Services

Capitalize on Winter’s Seasonal Demands

This winter, take the initiative. Promote your most popular winter service now and capitalize on its high demand before your competition does. You’ll be amazed at how much more business you can squeeze out of a service when local prospects are aware of it and are able to plan in advance. Plus, if you get the word out early enough, you’ll be able to spread out your appointments over a wider time span, which means you won’t have to turn away as many calls due to scheduling conflicts. Promoting your seasonal services now will help maximize your profits this winter.

Seasonal Services… Like What?

If you can’t think of a seasonal service that your business offers, don’t fret: We’ve compiled a short list of suggestions for the industries that we most frequently serve. Even if your company doesn’t fall into one of these categories, these suggestions should trigger some ideas of your own:

HVAC — Remind local homeowners that it’s a good idea to have their furnaces, boilers, or water heaters tuned up before the truly cold temperatures hit.

Appliance repair — Promote kitchen appliance repairs like oven and stove repair, garbage disposal repair, and dishwasher repair before people invite a long list of guests over for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s. Nothing’s worse than having a house full of hungry people and no way to cook the turkey.

Landscaping — Remind homeowners and property managers that they’ll need to winterize the sprinklers and irrigation systems in their lawns before the cold sets in. You may also want to urge them to keep your phone number handy for snow plowing after a big storm.

General handyman — Offer your availability to string up holiday lights and to mount rooftop decorations so local homeowners don’t have to risk life and limb on a ladder. If you offer shoveling and snow plowing services, now is a good time to promote those, too.

Plumbing — Emphasize the importance of checking the insulation around water pipes so that frozen plumbing doesn’t lead to burst pipes. If you offer frozen pipe repair, get the word out that you can help if folks need immediate assistance.

Car audio and customization — Promote popular holiday gifts like remote starters and heated seats. Remind customers that you not only sell these products but also install them.

What Can You Do to Promote Them?

Whether you take the DIY approach or use the resources available from Prospect Genius, you have several different options to choose from. On your own, you can use social media to spread the word about your service. Post on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ about your service and why prospects need it sooner rather than later. Also, feel free to utilize the blog feature on your LeadTrax™ site and write a post on your own. You can even take a traditional approach and post flyers around town at local shops and restaurants.

Prospect Genius Is Your Best Resource

On the other hand, if you use Prospect Genius, you can have access to more advanced promotional tactics online. We offer services that are designed to give a temporary push, which is what you need if you’re advertising a seasonal service. Consider the following:

  • Boost package — This is a three-month, pay-per-click program that’s targeted at one specific service. In other words, it’s an ideal strategy for marketing your most in-demand wintertime service.
  • Press release — An SEO press release published by our professional copywriters will highlight your chosen service. Then, it will be syndicated to increase local online visibility for that service.
  • Blog post — All of our LeadTrax sites come with a blog feature. Our professionals can write a post for you detailing the specific service, which you can also link to on your social media accounts.
  • Extra service page — We can also add a new page to your LeadTrax site if one doesn’t already exist for that service. Once it’s created, we’ll do off-site promotion to bring more visitors to that page.
  • AdBlast — On select directories, we can post ads for your company and your seasonal service.

Make your winter a wonderland of success this year by getting a head start on promoting your seasonal services!