Take Full Advantage of What Prospect Genius Has to Offer

You’ve already taken the perfect first step in signing up for Prospect Genius’s online advertising services. But are you doing everything you can to optimize your campaign’s success? Work gets busy, and it’s easier to just leave your campaign in the hands of our specialists. While you can enjoy some success by doing that, you’ll get much more bang for your buck if you become an active participant in your campaign. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the services and features available from Prospect Genius that you could be using right now to get the greatest return from your online advertising campaign.

Take Advantage of Included Features

The Client Portal is an invaluable tool, providing a handful of free features that can empower you to boost your LeadTrax™ site, manage your leads, and improve your business’s success.

  • Company blog and photo gallery — You can access both the blog and the photo gallery through the Client Portal to post fresh content on your LeadTrax site on your own. Write a quick blurb about a recent job in the blog, and add accompanying pictures in the gallery. It’s a great way to frequently populate your site with new content, which will boost its SEO value overall.
  • Call monitoring and recording — Through the Client Portal, you can listen to and record all of the phone calls on your CallTrax™ line. By going back and listening to how you handle customer calls, you’ll be able to improve customer service and make sure that you’re closing the most deals.
  • Call tracking — Our CallTrax feature displays all of the calls that come through your phone line. It’s especially useful because you can track calls by time and date, which means you can see any patterns in the time of day or day of the week when customers tend to call most often and prepare accordingly.
  • Advanced phone package — This upgrade enables you to add extensions to your CallTrax line. You can also set up special call routing, wherein one phone line will ring for a few seconds, and if the call isn’t answered, it will roll to the next line, and so on. This can help you make certain that your company never misses a lead.
  • Call forwarding — You can choose to have calls forwarded to your mobile phone when you’re out on the job so you don’t have to miss valuable leads.
  • E-mail harvesting — This feature enables you to retain customer e-mails that have been archived in the portal and build your own address list for the future.

Invest in Upgrades

If you really want to go the extra mile with your campaign, it can make sense for you to invest in one or two additional add-ons. While it will cost you a little extra, the results can provide great ROI.

  • Boost and PPC — Most customers know about our SEO lead generation service (our Core package), but did you know that we also offer two pay-per-click (PPC) advertising options? You can emphasize a particular service or promote seasonal offerings with our Boost package, while the PPC package offers long-term and larger-scale PPC advertising. PPC can help bring immediate results to enhance your SEO efforts.
  • Directory visibility — Directory listings increase your company’s visibility and boost your site’s online exposure. Our directory visibility package is available in three different levels, each designed to pack a specific punch. If you are already signed up for our Core or Premium package, then the first level (which includes up to 175 directories) has already been completed. However, you still have the option of adding levels 2 and 3 to gain access to even more valuable directories. If you are a customer using one of our other packages that doesn’t include directory visibility, you can add one, two, or all three levels to your existing services.
  • Press releases and AdBlasts — Have us draw additional attention to your site by syndicating a press release about a new service you’re offering or issuing an AdBlast to promote your seasonal discounts.

Even using just a few of these services can give your Prospect Genius campaign a big leg up. So call your campaign coordinator today to discuss your options and take even more control of your company’s future!