April Madness: Save with PG Customer Referrals This Month!

March Madness may mean some great basketball, but here at Prospect Genius, we have April Madness for new referrals. Starting April 1 and lasting until April 30, we’re offering an additional $40 off your May bill for every new referral. That means for each new referral you send to PG that signs up during April, you’ll receive a $40 discount on top of our regular $10 discount for a total savings of $50. Just think, if you refer four friends to Prospect Genius, and they all sign up before the end of the month, you can receive $200 off in May!* And once May is over, you’ll still continue to receive the regular $10 off per month for each referral while you both remain PG customers in good standing. So those four referrals could ultimately save you $200 in May and then $40 a month (paid quarterly) until the end of the year. That’s a huge savings to you, and all you have to do is make a referral or two. If you have friends, neighbors, or associates you think might be able to benefit from Prospect Genius’s lead generation program, send them our way! They can contact your account manager or customer service representative to sign up. And make sure they mention your name so you don’t lose out on the April Madness referral discounts! * Minimum invoice amount for any month is $9.