SocialStart Social is the new search. Facebook can help you reach thousands of targeted prospects.

  • Creates Social Media Presence
  • Generates Optimized Profiles
  • Includes Custom Header Graphics
  • Helps Rankings
  • Saves You Time

Search engines aren’t the only vessel for web traffic anymore. Now, you can attract just as much attention on social media as you can on Google results pages. Any business that wants to succeed with online marketing must adopt a social media strategy, or at the very least, maintain a social media presence. But what if you don’t really know what you’re doing on social media? Your marketing shouldn’t be limited by your lack of social media savvy.

The Solution: SocialStartâ„¢

That’s why Prospect Genius designed the SocialStart package. Although there are hundreds of social media sites you could invest your time in, there are really only three that matter: Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Our SocialStart package is designed to get you onto each one with a properly designed profile that’s both visually appealing and search engine friendly.

Attractive Profiles

It might be difficult to find a great picture and create an eye-catching header on your own. Thankfully, when you sign up for SocialStart, our content specialists will do all of that work for you. We’ll set you up with social media profiles that look professional and grab the attention of prospective customers who happen to see your page.

Starter Posts

What’s a social media account without any content? To get you started, Prospect Genius will write a blog post and then share it on each of your accounts to get the ball rolling.

Your Own Control

At this point, we’ll hand you the keys and let you take over. You’ll have a solid foundation without having to worry about any of the technical, behind-the-scenes details. Of course, if you’re still unsure of what kind of content to publish or you don’t have time to manage your accounts on your own, you can always sign up for our SocialStreamâ„¢ package to take care of all that for you. Using SocialStart is the first, key step in optimizing your social media and leveraging it for greater web marketing potential. A presence on social media outlets is essential if you want to capture the most traffic and attention possible. When you become discoverable on social media, you’ll watch your online exposure increase significantly.