SocialBuzz Keep your social media current with weekly posts about your business, interests, and more. Our professional writers make your social media updates hands-off.

  • Provides Frequent Posting
  • Balances Professional & Personal Chatter
  • Keeps Social Media Pages Active
  • Personalizes Your Company

These days, it’s not enough to be on social media. You have to be active and engaged. You’ve heard this before, but what does it mean, exactly? It means you need to regularly share status updates, photos, and other content to show off your personality, not just your expertise in your field. Interacting with other people’s content is also an important part of being engaged. It’s a way to show your followers who you really are. They want to see the man or woman behind the company.

Get Buzzing With SocialBuzz™

Not sure you’re active enough on social media? Many small business owners feel that way. You know you should be updating and sharing at least weekly, but life gets busy. Work and family seem more important than Facebook. What’s a swamped business owner to do? Use SocialBuzz! Ideal for clients who just want to stay active on social media, SocialBuzz consists of weekly posts created by our professional writers and shared by our savvy production specialists.

How Does It Work?

SocialBuzz posts aren’t in-depth blog posts with insider info or how-to instructions. Rather, they’re designed to emphasize the social aspect of social media. For these posts, the goal is to share your interests, develop your personality, and show that you’re modern and in tune with the world around you. To get started, you’ll give us the scoop on your favorite sports teams, hobbies, charities, music, and so on. Then, we’ll use this info to write your weekly posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. These posts will be seasonable and appropriately timed (we won’t be posting about your favorite NBA team in the middle of August, for example). We’ll stay up to date on all of your interests and post about them when it seems most fitting. This takes all the work of social media engagement right off your plate! What could be easier? Get all the benefits of social media chatter and keep your free time to yourself! Take advantage of SocialBuzz today.