Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Social is the new search. Facebook can help you reach thousands of targeted prospects.

  • Target Specific Demographics
  • Increase Page Likes
  • Boost Site Visitors
  • Reach More People
  • Gain Organic Traffic

Facebook provides a platform to reach thousands of people based on a huge range of demographic parameters. Paying for ads can increase the reach of your content immensely and at a very affordable cost. Depending on your business objectives and goals, you can leverage Facebook in several different ways to accomplish them.

Page Likes

Page “Likes” are becoming more and more important in establishing credibility online. Businesses without a significant number of Likes on their Facebook page are like restaurants without patrons. People passing by will not go in because the restaurant is empty, implying that it’s unpopular. We can help you establish the needed level of credibility by increasing the number of Likes on your page.

Ad Impressions

Sometimes, you just want to increase your company’s overall visibility. With Facebook ads, you can get more eyeballs on your company’s updates and increase your social reach.¬†Aside from driving more Likes to your page and more traffic to your website, Facebook ads are extremely useful in making people more aware of your business.

Website Traffic

It’s very risky to rely on search engine traffic alone to gain customers online. Algorithms change rapidly and constantly, which means what works today may not work tomorrow. We believe that diversifying your traffic sources is a sensible way to sustain your business today and into the future. Facebook has millions of users, making it a rich source of potential traffic.


Facebook, unlike any other platform, provides you with a way to get your promotions in front of the right potential customers. Any time you run a seasonal discount, offer a sale on certain items, or just want to boost traffic with a coupon, you should consider using Facebook to increase the reach of your promotion.


Video is a powerful tool for getting your message across in a personal and convenient way. Unfortunately, “If you build it, they will come.” only works in the movies. Facebook can be a powerful channel for pushing your video content far and wide, reaching exactly the potential customers you’re looking for.


Hosting events can be a great way to boost your company’s image and brand awareness. What better way to announce and promote your event than Facebook?

Facebook Post

If you have 500 page Likes, that’s 500 people who might potentially see a post you write and then engage with you. If you manage to get 10% of those people to react, you’re still only getting a chance to engage 50 people. Promoting a Facebook post could push that post in front of thousands more people and make your post much more likely to grab attention.