Build brand recognition and forge a powerful connection with prospective customers!

What’s “Remarketing”?

“Remarketing” may be an unfamiliar term, but it’s one of the latest developments in the world of online advertising, thanks to Google AdWords. In the simplest terms, remarketing is a way of reconnecting with people who have already visited your website. As people continue to browse the internet after visiting your site, they’ll see your ad displayed on other websites, which will naturally pique their interest in your business.

Familiarity Breeds Trust

Remarketing helps you stay connected with prospects by raising their awareness of your brand or product. They may not have heard of you before visiting your website, but now they’ll see your company name, services, and special offers all over the internet. This capitalizes on the basic human principle that familiarity breeds trust. Remarketing is a way of recapturing the interest of prospective customers while also legitimizing and adding validity to your company’s brand.

PG’s Marketing Meets Remarketing

After you decide on the services you want to target with your remarketing campaign and how much you want to spend, Prospect Genius will take care of the rest. We’ll create eye-catching, memorable ads for you and place them on a variety of popular sites via Google’s Display Network. With our help, you’ll get the word out about your business even when prospects aren’t actively looking for you. Our remarketing package provides:

  • Original, captivating ads
  • Comprehensive, professional management
  • Effective ad rotation and testing
  • Mobile-targeted ads
  • Transparent billing
  • Full authority over budgetary decisions

Whether you want to bring more traffic to your website or blog, or you want to increase conversion rates on prospective leads, remarketing is one of the most effective strategies out there. Get started today!