Pay Per Click (PPC)


Pay Per Click (PPC) PPC is an extremely powerful way to get targeted traffic to your website with little delay.

  • Starts Working Fast
  • Targets Motivated Buyers
  • Offers Complete Customization
  • Pauses and Resumes Easily
  • Promotes Seasonal Services
  • Expands Advertising Radius

Want to get your company’s services in front of your target customers as soon as possible? Then a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign is for you. While SEO and local search are more affordable and take time to gradually ramp up, PPC is an investment in efficiency. It generates traffic almost immediately by putting you in the sponsored ads section right at the top of search results pages. Whether the desire is to laser-target ads for specific geographic areas or to strike quickly on a new opportunity, professional PPC management allows for speed of action that other strategies do not.

Who Is It For?

  • For business owners who don’t want to wait for months to get results, PPC goes into effect quickly (after only one month).
  • For business owners who want to take an aggressive approach to advertising, PPC provides the opportunity to target your ads at all the right people.

Custom PPC Management From PG

PPC is our fastest paced and most customizable online marketing package. It allows you to create a flexible and responsive advertising campaign according to your own specifications. What are the benefits of enrolling in our PPC services? You’ll get…

  • Comprehensive, professional PPC management
  • Effective ad rotation and A/B testing
  • Savvy keyword management and bid management
  • Authority over which ad groups you use
  • Authority over your own click budget
  • Mobile-targeted ads (for the growing mobile search market)
  • Transparency in PPC billing
  • Trackable campaign performance in the Client Portal

And did we mention fast results?

Transparent Billing for PPC Management

Like other providers, we charge a percentage of your budget to cover PPC management fees. Unlike other providers, we charge much less than the industry standard of 40%-50% of your budget. Moreover, unlike other providers, we tell you exactly how much we’re charging. Other marketers typically won’t even mention this—they’ll just combine your PPC marketing budget and their PPC management fees into one lump sum. At Prospect Genius, we don’t think that’s right. We value honesty and transparency. That’s why we do things differently. We’re 100% upfront about charging you an AdWords management fee. Then, Google bills you directly for the rest. With us, there’s never any question about where your money is going. This makes our model more cost-effective, more transparent, and much more fair-minded than those of our competitors. If you want to start promoting your favorite services, sign up for our PPC services today!