Don’t know what type of information is floating around about your business? If you’re like lots of companies, you’ve worked with so many different online advertisers that there’s probably a dozen different variations of your company info circulating around the web. You know you need to clean up your citations, but you don’t even know where to start.

Detailed Report Delivered Straight to You

Good news! Prospect Genius can provide you with a WebFax® report, in which we’ll comb the web and create a report of all the listings related to your company. Rather than hunkering down, searching Google, and sifting through pages upon pages of search results yourself, you can let our specialists do the work for you. We know how to search efficiently and accurately, and we’ll deliver a comprehensive report of everything that’s out there about your company. Instead of doing all that investigating yourself, all you have to do is look over one simple report.

Track Your Citations

Among other factors, your local search ranking is highly influenced by the quality of your “citations.” Without getting too technical, the term “citations” refers to the instances where your company’s contact information appears, including name, phone number, address, and website. Because search engines often penalize inaccurate or inconsistent information, each citation must match exactly, or else your search ranking and web presence will diminish.

WebFax Is Only the Beginning

A WebFax report is the first step toward cleaning up your web presence. Once you evaluate how damning (or not) your company’s online footprints are, you’ll be able to take the necessary next steps toward improvement. You wouldn’t buy a used car without a CARFAX™ report, right? Nor should you begin an online advertising campaign without a WebFax report. Sample WebFax Report