As you may have already figured out on your own, managing a Google My Business account is a complicated undertaking. It’s even more difficult if you actually want to do it right. But, unfortunately, you’ve already got your hands full managing an entire business: Do you also have time to monitor your Google My Business listing, track your visibility, and process your Google Analytics data, all while making sure your listing’s status remains unchanged?

MapTrax™: Maps Insurance

If any changes are made to your company’s listing regarding business name, URL, phone number, or address, you could experience some serious trouble down the road—especially if those changes occur without your knowledge or consent. That’s why Prospect Genius developed a program that monitors your listing daily and automatically alerts you of any changes or red flags. Named MapTrax, this state-of-the-art system will help you keep track of any changes made to your company’s listing. This way, you can immediately address any problems that may arise and avoid potential penalties from Google.

Protect Your Peace of Mind

Nothing kills the momentum of an online advertising campaign quite like a suspended Google listing. It takes several months to bounce back from a suspension or even a flagged listing, so don’t take any chances. Protect yourself from spammers and other wild cards that could do harm to your company’s listing by enlisting our MapTrax services. When it comes down to it, MapTrax is very reasonably priced insurance that will save you time, money, and future business.

Sample MapTrax Report