Directory Dominator

Directory DominatorThe logical first step in any online marketing campaign, creating all the right directory listings can be the key to your success.

  • Get Into 100s of Directory Listings
  • Get Into 411 Directory Assistance
  • Get Into GPS Navigation Devices
  • Avoid “Bad Neighborhoods”
  • Maintain Listings Continuously

There are literally thousands of business directories online, ranging from those published by your local yellow pages provider to those cooked up by a high-school kid in his parents’ basement. Learning which ones are effective, have traffic, and are worth spending effort on can take a long time, while choosing the wrong ones can get you penalized by Google and other search engines. That’s why our Directory Dominator™ package exists—to take out the guesswork when it comes to listing your business online. This package has helped countless clients increase their online visibility by making sure they are in all of the most popular and relevant directories.

Who Is It For?

  • For online advertising beginners. Directory Dominator is the first step many business owners take when putting together a campaign of any size or scope for the first time.
  • For anyone wishing to round out their existing web presence. Directory Dominator can supplement your optimized web content, Google Maps listing, or even your pay-per-click campaign.
  • For business owners who are looking to build visibilityDirectory Dominator is designed to get a company’s name out there across a wide variety of listings.

Why Is It Valuable?

the steps involved in search engine ranking depicted as a path up a mountain

If you want to be number-one on Google (or any other search engine), the first step is to make sure your company information is accurately represented in all the most trusted and relevant local directories. This can be an arduous task, but it’s always the first step in creating your internet marketing strategy. Think of your online advertising campaign as a slow ascent up a mountain. Everyone knows it’s impossible to jump from the foothills to the summit, skipping all the steps in between. The same goes for climbing toward improved search engine rankings. Before you can outrank all of your competitors on search results pages, you must start with local directories, then move on to Google Maps, optimized website content, and so on. The higher you climb, the more competitors you will outrank. Directory Dominator will get you through the first phase and on to the second before you know it.

logos from top local directories used in the Prospect Genius Directory Dominator package

The graphic to the right shows just a few of the most recognizable directories we utilize. We also have a network of hundreds of other directory sites that are renowned, trusted, and powerful. After analyzing your geographic location and business category, we’ll put you in all of the corresponding directories in our network, including any industry-specific directories that apply. People don’t just search from Google anymore, so it’s important that your business is represented wherever people are looking for your services. That’s exactly what our Directory Dominator package achieves. We save you the hassle of trial and error on hundreds of business directories by leveraging our experience to get you the results you need.