It’s one thing to sign up for an online advertising program, but it’s another thing entirely to be confident that you made the right investment. That’s why many business owners continuously google their own companies in hopes of getting a glimpse of their rankings and seeing how effective their online advertising efforts have been. Unfortunately, because of Google’s personalized algorithms, googling your own company will not generate an accurate picture of your campaign performance. In fact, if you’re using paid advertising, it could even harm your campaign.

Enter AdTrax™

The only truly effective and objective way to measure your campaign’s performance is to use a non-biased, auto-generated monitoring system. For this reason, the experts at Prospect Genius have created AdTrax, a system that allows you to measure your campaign performance and get a fuller picture of how it’s helping your business. It’s even helpful for tracking the impact of your social media activity.

Easy, Digestible Reports

AdTrax will track your results over time and produce a graph of your performance that’s simple to read and easy to understand. This way, you can see where each of your URLs are ranking for each keyword, all in one convenient location. Once you log into the Client Portal, you’ll be able to see your advertising campaign’s raw, unfiltered results any time, day or night. Sample AdTrax Report