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Kick-Start Your Campaign With Our Boost Package

Why the Boost Package? At Prospect Genius, we like to do things the right way. We like to give clients the results they deserve, but we also believe in playing by the rules and earning results that will actually last. In the past, this meant our clients would have to wait three months or longer […]

Online Advertising Can’t Always Save You

Time and time again, we see desperate business owners frantically sign up for online advertising services as a last resort to save their companies. Their logic is that a quick advertising push will generate the leads they need to get their business back on track. Unfortunately, no form of advertising is going to turn your […]

Avoid These Online Advertising Pitfalls

While the world of online advertising is rapidly advancing, most experts still look at it as the Wild West. There aren’t too many standardized methods set in stone, and there sure are a lot of entrepreneurs trying to carve out a niche for themselves. In the spirit of independence and getting rich quick inherent to […]


You guys single handedly saved my company

I am so impressed. Where were you guys three years ago? LoL. Seriously, you guys single handedly saved my company. We had a car audio store open up down the street last October and they took about 15-20% of my business. Yesterday they came into my shop and asked for jobs!!! Said they were closing […]

Prospect Genius out performs Outrank

I am extremely happy with Prospect Genius. The call volume is great, I got three calls today alone. Prospect Genius is one of the few companies out there that follows through on its promises. They said I would get calls and I do, and I’m very profitable with their program. Another company called Outrank told […]

Entire annual budget covered by the first two clients

I’ve been working with Prospect Genius for about 3 months now. I’ve received many phone calls and e-mail requests. Have had about 15 actual prospect meetings. Converted 5 of these to clients. My entire annual budget (for Prospect Genius) will be covered by revenue from the first two clients. Jeffrey E Simpson, EA, CTRS, ATA, […]