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“Local Search Puzzle” Pieced Together in One Simple Image

Having trouble understanding exactly what goes into your site’s local search rankings, no matter how many times your account manager attempts to demystify it? This should help. Linda Buquet, a local search specialist and community leader of Local Search Forum, recently posted this illustration that simplifies the “puzzle” of local search. As the image shows, the four main […]

Actionable Lessons From 2014 That You Need to Know

Did you feel overwhelmed this year by what seemed like a constant barrage of Google updates? You’re not the only one. A series of new guidelines, new dashboards, and new search algorithm updates made it a full-time job to stay on top of Google in 2014. As a business owner with your own hectic schedule, you […]

What Can You Do Now to Up the Ante of Your Campaign in 2015?

Around this time every year, we hear from a lot of clients asking us how they can add more oomph to their campaigns. They want to start off the next year strong. This year, of course, has been no different. We’ve already had several proactive business owners ask us what they can do to put themselves […]

Avoid These Online Advertising Pitfalls

While the world of online advertising is rapidly advancing, most experts still look at it as the Wild West. There aren’t too many standardized methods set in stone, and there sure are a lot of entrepreneurs trying to carve out a niche for themselves. In the spirit of independence and getting rich quick inherent to […]


It’s hard to find people like you in this world

Thanks for your hard work. We already received our 1st customer. We have spent so many years using companies like Service Magic, Done Right and even Go Daddy to generate leads for our business. All of these companies had spurts of promise, but eventually all of them disappointed us (even recently Angie’s List ). We […]

You guys single handedly saved my company

I am so impressed. Where were you guys three years ago? LoL. Seriously, you guys single handedly saved my company. We had a car audio store open up down the street last October and they took about 15-20% of my business. Yesterday they came into my shop and asked for jobs!!! Said they were closing […]

Prospect Genius out performs Outrank

I am extremely happy with Prospect Genius. The call volume is great, I got three calls today alone. Prospect Genius is one of the few companies out there that follows through on its promises. They said I would get calls and I do, and I’m very profitable with their program. Another company called Outrank told […]

Entire annual budget covered by the first two clients

I’ve been working with Prospect Genius for about 3 months now. I’ve received many phone calls and e-mail requests. Have had about 15 actual prospect meetings. Converted 5 of these to clients. My entire annual budget (for Prospect Genius) will be covered by revenue from the first two clients. Jeffrey E Simpson, EA, CTRS, ATA, […]