Show Your Stuff: Photo Gallery and Blog Features Make It Easy for You to Display Your Expertise

Did you know that Prospect Genius’s LeadTrax sites can include a bunch of extra features like photo galleries, blogs, and more? Most are free as part of your lead generation package, so take advantage of these tools to expand your site and reach out to your prospective customers in a dynamic, engaging way!

Photo Gallery

With the photo gallery, adding pictures to your LeadTrax site is straightforward and hassle free. Images of your team at work, your staff, and even your company vehicles are a powerful addition to your site, and can make a huge difference in transforming site visitors into paying customers. Wondering just how much difference photos of your technicians can make for your business? Well, check out the current practice of Safelite AutoGlass. When clients schedule a service call with Safelite AutoGlass, they’ll receive an e-mail containing a bio and photograph of the exact technician who will be coming to perform the work on their vehicle. As an in-house survey reports, 85% of customers said that the e-mail photo made them feel more comfortable with the technician, and 88% stated their belief that the job would be done professionally and properly after seeing the photo. What does this mean for your company? Well, as the above statistics show, pictures of the staff who actually perform the services for your clients put folks at ease. So adding images of your team to your site will provide customers with peace of mind and set you apart from the fly-by-night “pros” who may also operate in your area.


Showcase your professional expertise with your LeadTrax site’s blog! Conveniently included in all new sites, we’re offering an easy-to-use blog platform to help you reach out to current and prospective clients with professional tips, useful hints, and other information that can help draw people in. For example, you might want to blog about a challenging job you recently aced or offer helpful hints relevant to your particular industry. No matter what you write about, the trick to successful blogging is to provide useful information. To get you started with your blog, PG automatically creates your first two blog posts for you. For a small fee, we can also write additional blog posts on your behalf, but you’re always free to add as many posts as you’d like on your own. You can access both the photo gallery and the blog through your client portal. So make sure you’re maximizing the value of your lead generation campaign by taking advantage of our free blogging, photo gallery, and other features! Have questions? Just call your campaign manager or customer service representative and we’ll provide you with the info you need. Want to sign up? Call or e-mail us now!